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TTW: Custom Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90

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I'm in no hurry to sell this. Just seeing if there's any interest in buyers looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind shotgun.


I built this with the intention for it to be the ultimate CQB weapon. I decided to use Tokyo Marui's M3 for reliability, and as everyone knows, is the best shotgun to actually skirmish with (all others are just gimmicks). I finished the build and never got a chance to use it. It's been sitting in it's gun case ever since.






Parts List:

Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Super 90 (Entry Model) - $200

Mesa Tactical Push-Button Sling Swivel Benelli M1014 - $24

Mesa Tactical 6-Shot SureShell Carrier and Rail Benelli M2 Tactical - $78

PDI Piston Head for Marui SPAS 12 - $22

First Factory M3 Quick Wide Magazine Lever - $32

G&P M3 Extended Buttstock - $96

Mosquito Molds Rail System for M3 Super 90 - $94

CCW 4 Round TacStripper w/ UM 84 Back - $27

Gear Sector Surefire Scout Light Offset Flashlight Mount, Black - $54

Element eM300A Mini Scout Tactical Light - $55

Dytac Aimpoint Micro T1, Low Mount - $50

Magpul AFG2, Black - $33

Magpul XTM Rail Covers, Black - $8

Genuine Tokyo Marui Shotgun Shells - $100


Total Cost: $873


Most of these parts are sold out or impossible to find.


What makes this gun custom? Many of the parts aren't direct bolt-ons, as they're real steel parts. The shotgun receiver had to be drilled and tapped to accept the Mesa Tactical SureShell carrier. I also painstakingly used a drill press and step bit to widen every hole on the carrier (real 12-gauge shells are narrower than TM shells). The TacStripper was also widened to accept TM shells.


I have an almost complete parts gun from another Tokyo Marui M3 that I will be including as well.


I believe I have around 20 or more shells, most of which are genuine Tokyo Marui.


Magpul MS2 sling not included.


Starting price is $600 OBO. Once again, I'm in no hurry to sell it. Please feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know about this masterpiece.

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