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DangerWerx Tri-Shot Rail (TSR) Review






I've been a big fan of the TM M3 shotguns for a long time, although the lack of accessories and aftermarket support kept me away from them for a while. Recently I took the plunge and picked up a Bravo M3 clone and some spare shells, figuring it'd be a fun project and a good CQB/loaner gun. When DangerWerx posted about his plans for new M3 accessories, I was majorly pumped, as he's made some nifty parts for rather unsupported systems in the past.




I received this rail direct from DangerWerx for the purpose of this review. Rails are presently available at AirsoftGi for $24.99 though.



First Impressions/Packaging:

Opening the shipping package, the TriShot Rail (TSR) comes in a long thin ziploc bag, with the package containing the rail, 2 mounting screws, and a paper slip indicating the model. Taking the rail out of the bag, build quality is quite nice, with a clean black finish and no distracting machining marks. This rail is one of the first run CNC rails, with later runs slated to be injection molded glass-reinforced polymer.





Rail Details:

As mentioned before, the rail is quite lightweight, weighing in at around 2 ounces, with an overall length of a bit over 8 inches (207mm). Finish is a fairly sturdy satin black that stands up to handling and everyday use (scratched with a knife, but otherwise stayed intact). Two screw holes inset to your M3's foregrip, helping to aid in retention. I found these insets worth noting as a great addition to the rail. No matter how much yanking and pulling on the foregrip I did, these insets helped keep the rail firmly in place and distribute the stress.


One side of the rail is a bit longer than the other, with the rail mountable either way (long segment forward or back)--entirely user preference. Standard Picatinny slots have held most everything I've thrown on there, including KAC vertical foregrips, Larue handstops, and assorted lights. The rail is reasonably wide however, and some accessories are a rather tight fit. In my testing I had a good bit of difficulty sliding on a couple of accessories—a replica AFG and a replica of the KAC stubby foregrip. This may be that these are ACM replica accessories, but I found it worthy of note. For the most part, everything attached just fine however.








To mount the rail, you first must remove the two screws on your handguard. All you'll need for this is a standard Phillips screwdriver.





Next slip the rail's two insets into those holes. If you've painted your foregrip (like I have), it may take a bit of fiddling to get the rail to slide in. Lastly, screw in the two included mounting screws. Once mounted, I did notice a slight gap on the front of the rail. Although this concerned me a bit at first, it's likely just my paint job getting in the way, and I didn't find it to cause any problems.








Like any Picatinny rail, the DangerWerx TSR can accept pretty much anything you toss on it. A KAC Vertical foregrip, grippod, a couple light mounts, a M203, Larue rail covers, and a Larue handstop all fit with no problem. As mentioned before, I had a bit of difficulty getting an ACM AFG and KAC stubby grip to fit. As they were borrowed from friends, I didn’t force them on, but with a bit of effort I’m certain both would have gone on just fine. Personally, I'll be running a Larue handstop and rail covers to aid in pumping. For night games, I'll likely toss on a TLR1 copy.






Overall, I'm quite pleased with this rail. Whether it's adding a handstop or foregrip to help pump, putting on a light for night games, or slapping on a M203 for kicks, the DangerWerx TSR is fantastic for mounting just about anything you can think of putting on it. It's a well built, inexpensive, and durable add-on, and I'd highly recommend picking one up for any M3 owners out there.












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