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TTW: Maruzen APS-2


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I have a Maruzen APS-2, upgraded pretty heavily that I may be interested in getting rid of. Just testing the waters to gauge interest, right price though, and it's sold.



-Laylax Teflon Cylinder

-Laylax High Pressure Piston

-Laylax Hard Piston Head

-Laylax Aero Chamber

-Laylax Bolt Handle

-Laylax Spring Guide

-Laylax Sp150 Spring

-Laylax Cylinder Head

-Laylax Zero Trigger (Red Trigger)

-Edgi 6.01 Barrel (Standard APS-2 Length)


Will also come with 14mm CCW silencer adapter, a NC Star 3-9 x 32mm scope, and three magazines, one of which is missing the guide.


I also have modified the stock a bit to incorporate a faux mag, and some wrapping around the grip and stock for fit.


Any other questions feel free to ask, thank you.



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