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Hi all, new around here...

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Hi all.


I'm new around here. Here's a confession, I don't actually play airsoft. However, I am a nut for military bits and pieces and I do a lot of shooting generally. I joined the forums because the airsoft industry forces manufacturers and supplies to be at the top of their games and I like hearing about the latest kit and gadgets. If a piece of kit provides good concealment and can withstand a day skirmishing, it will probably survive being battered by me as well!


Regards to you all



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Well where do I start. I live in California the central part of it in a valley about 4 hours away from San Diego. I would like to go to Scotland but it is way to far and would take way to long however I would like to visit and play in that forest that scout plays at. I will be able to purchase airsoft guns when I'm at age 18 got a year and a half. Is there any of you guys that play in California? What gun is best to start off I am more of a WW2 American guy? I really like the m1 garand and BAR and Thompson and the browning 30 cal. Well how much do you guys pay for those guns? Here the king arms m1a1 thompson is very nice and I will probably get it at big 5 sporting goods when it goes on sale it is $150 and the m1 garand online it is the marushin brand which you guys probably know i could get it like $350 plus shipping and that and the thompson are full metal gearbox and part of the outside and the would is fake but very good quality. I would like you guys to give me more feedback and this is a little bit about myself sorry I didn't put everything in one paragraph.

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