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This will be a review of the London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) 1961H chest rig.


Purchase was done from LBT direct.


Why did I buy it: For my Systema CQBR I already own a 1961G (review on this forum) and am extremely satisfied with it. Now that my Inokatsu MK43 is getting more and more play time it was also time to get a dedicated support gunners rig. Seeing that you can't go wrong with LBT's quality the choice was easily made.

It set me back 341,45 US Dollar.


The 1961H is a chest rig from LBT's 1961 family of rigs. This version is intended for operators off belt fed weapons. The 1961 family consists of multiple chest rigs for different weapons. For more information I suggest LBT's excellent website.


General information 1961H

- 4 x pouches for ammo belts (or in airsoft, bags of bb's)

- 2 places for molle pouches of each 2 rows wide.

- 2 mappouches

- On the back there are 2 mesh pouches which are originally designed to keep a flotation device.

- On both shoulderstraps are elastic loops for guiding a drinking hose, aswell as padded antenna/wire guides.

- Everything is equipped with draining holes

- Material for the multicam version is 330D codura, other colours are available but in 500D codura.

- Zipper closes from top to bottom.

- 2 clips on the upperside of the shoulderstraps (backside) to attach the LBT-2649E hydro carrier.


The backside:


Here you can see the mesh pockets for the flotation device. Offcourse they are also able to be used to store other items.


The mappockets:


Fairly wide,equipped with 5 elastic loops to secure pens, breaklights etc. These mappouches are the same as on other zippered 1961's

You could place here the LBT 2645A triple M4 inserts. Why you would do that on this rig is an unknown for me though.


The molle options:


You have two of these. They are however not attached at the same places. The left side rows (wearers view) are direct next to the first saw pouch. The second one is on the far right. This gives you the option to put on a pouch which you don't need immediat acces to (in my case a radio pouch)on the far side of the rig and a pouch you need more often, for instance a pistol mag pouch or first aide pouch more central and easier to acces.


The shoulderstraps:


Paddes offcourse. On this foto you can also easily see the elastic guides for the drinking hose (or other cable like thinks). The elastic is stiff enough to keep everything nicely in place.


The saw pouces:


Closed by clips and velcro


The pouches are very genouros with velcro. This secures a good closure. It also gives you the option to store somewhat bigger items.



The pouches are very spacious and can easily carry a 4000 bb bag. Offcourse you can also store other items like a warningvest, spare batteries, first aide set etc.



I advice you to not use them as magazine pouches. They are designed for 7.62 and therefore to wide for stanag mags. This photo is to just to give you an idea of the size (the magazine is a systema ptw one)


Is there nothing wrong with this chest rig?

Yes, 2 minor things

1. On the backside the stitching for the mappouches is a little to close to the zipper. Although this doesn't influence the use of th rig it does makes it sometimes a little harder to close the rig.


2. This rig is WIDE. Caps are on purpose. If you are interested in this rig, and unless you are falling in the "big" category then I stongly advice you to also wear a plate carrier WITH plates under this rig. If you don't do this the rig will sit very loose, with all the downsides that that brings with it. I wear a 6094a slick underneath it.


By now I hear some people think; "but this rig isn't on LBT's website"

That is correct, to order this rig you will have to call LBT. Don't be afraid to do this as an airsofter. LBT is a very airsoft friendly company. When you call you will get the reception first, ask for sales and they will put you through. (keep the time difference in mind though)



The LBT 1961H is an excellent chest rig for the support gunner that is looking for a dedicated support gunners chest rig. The quality of the materials and manufacturing are excellent and you will get value for money. Althoug I understand this rig won't be in everyone's budget.

For me this rig gives me all the flexibility I need without losing sight of its purpose.

All in all another great product from LBT which will serve me well for a long time.


A final warning if I may: On ebay and other sites I see this rig (even used ones) sell for prices higher then the cost of a new one from LBT direct. (and no, not only the aor1 versions, multicam and tan to). Don't be fooled by this and just call LBT direct. (this goes by the way for all LBT products you can't find on their website; call and ask.)


Hope you found this informative.

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Great review! And to second what he said about calling LBT, don't worry. I've had a lot of dealings with them and they're great people.


One question, how does it sit when worn over an armor carrier? My old A-R would kind of tilt forward (so the top was farther from my body than the bottom of the pouches), and that bugged the hell out of me.

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thanks for the compliment.


In my experience, many chest rigs tend to lean forward if they are sitting to loose and are heavily loaded on the frontside. This rig is no exception.


Thanks to my 6094a slick I can still get a tight fitting for this rig and I try always (with whatever rig I am wearing) to get the most weight on the sides.

Adding the 2649E hydro carrier (offcourse with a camelback in it) will improve overall stability if you need to load it front heavy.

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