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Cyma MP5SD6 Electric Blowback

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Link: http://www.acmgear.com/cyma-full-metal-electric-blowback-mp5sd6-cm049sd6-p-1396.html






Im not going into the history of the real MP5SD, as it is pretty well know by everybody, being the famous gun that it is. If you wanna know more, go to:




This is my Navy SEALs version of it, not sure if Im gonna paint it. Old style stock, M4 bottom RIS, Element M3X flashlight. CA MP5 sling.





The gun comes nicely packaged in a cardboard box with a picture of the gun on top, and includes the gun itself, a 200 round hi-cap magazine, a battery and charger, instruction manual and a cleaning rod. Clean the barrel first thing.

As a sidenote: this is a Marui clone, with some Cyma add-ons, but almost any part that is suited for the Marui MP5 series, will work with this one.





The gun itself is full metal, with only the buttpad, the handguard (like the real deal) and the lower receiver grip being made of a high-density plastic, giving a very pleasant, realistic feel to it. The metal is painted flat mate black, with a metal shine to it, so that it looks like the gun is parkerized. The handguard has a rubbery finish. Remove it to reveal the battery compartment: you can use mini, nunchuk or LiPo batteries. The ROF was not too fast at first, so I removed the fuse.




The gun is actually pretty heavy for its size: 3,5 kilos (7 pounds). Surprising, but it also makes the gun one of the most realistic in my armory, it is very, very sturdy.


The gun is 64 cms–79 cms (25”–31”) long, depending on how much you extend the stock, which has 3 positions; no wobble on mine. It has a thick rubber shoulder pad, but Im going to get the old MP5 style stock, as I like the look better. You can mount any normal type MP5 stock, like this UMP style stock, that comes from another Cyma.




The metal silencer is removable and partially hides a 229 mm inner barrel, you can easily stick an inner barrel of up to 330 mm in there. The silencer has a special attachment system, it’s not a 14mm thread or the regular MP5 muzzle.




You have got 2 sling attachment points, but they front one is pretty small, so you may have to use some paracord or a ring.


Very nice; the charging handle works: you can pull it back, lock it and then give it the old MP5 slap, which makes a very satisfying metal noise (CHECK VIDEO). It also allows you to access the hop up unit.




Another one of the treats of the Cyma MP5SD6 is the electric blowback. Before you even think it: no, it doesn’t hurt the gearbox. It gives the gun a very pleasant noise and rattle, the GB even has some recoil and is very impressive, visually (CHECK VIDEO). Seriously: try it before you criticize it.


The iron sights are the typical HK sights, fully adjustable and four distance apertures on the rear drum sight. You can install an MP5/G3 rail to mount optics, like this Element Reflex Sight.






No mystery about the hi-cap magazine either: metal, 200 rounder, nice wide wheel (why don’t all hi-caps have the MP5 wheel?), which makes for easy winding and doesn’t make your finger sore.




Ambidextrous dual mag release: either pushing the button or the lever.

Ambidextrous fire selector and markings: safe, semi and auto.

All moving parts operate and click smoothly, which is not always the case in airsoft.





All in all: the Cyma MP5SD6 is heavy, solid, sturdy, well balanced and feels and looks even more realistic than some of my AKs. Fit and finish is superb and all parts work nicely (fire selector, cocking handle, mag release, stock).


Now to the shooting.


All measurements were performed with KSC 0,20 gram BBs and a Big Dragon chrono. No hop up. Cleaned inner barrel.


- Muzzle velocity: 380 FPS


- Rate of fire: 850 RPM


Effective range: my estimated effective range (will hit a human sized target from the front) is of 50 meters (160 feet).

General range: up to 70 meters.

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Selector is the best HK type selector Ive tried (well the Umarex G36K was nice too). I know what you mean with "flimsy": I have a JG G36.

Anyway: this one moves how I think the selector on the real one does: smoothly, doesnt wiggle, clicks in place nicely.

Only had it for a month, but this is one of my most solid pieces, along with my Cyma AIMS.

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On a somewhat related note, my Cyma MP5K (non EBB) has a sort of recoil, caused by the piston slamming violently into the cylinder head I assume. It's the only AEG I've ever fired that does this, and everyone who's tried it agrees that it's pretty fun to shoot.

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