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PTW clones( DTW A&K etc)

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I'm not going to strip the cylinder and hop yet (later tonight). This is just a quick look at the cylinder, hop and barrel and the externals of the gearbox.   The Cylinder is blue anodised and well

It always amazes me the way people think that because the Systema is $1500 it's actually worth $1500. Do you really think it costs Systema more than a couple of hundred dollars to make? Do you think

ok on with the rest of part 2.   I had a look at the gearbox and electrics today. Some good news and some bad news but to keep you in suspense I'll put the bad news nearer the bottom. No sneak peeki

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Yesterday I managed to install a homemade sorbo cushion in the piston in order to make the gun a bit quieter, It is still a bit loud but now it doesnt sound like the piston was hitting a brickwall with a sledge hammer. I think it is a good mod to do, TBH


Funny thing is that I changed the Tamiyas for an XT60 connector too, so I shot tested the gun too and got an improved performance as expected, but just for a couple of shots as the gun would stop shooting, unplugged and plugged again, two shots and stop... I opened the gun and there was a nice red led hailing me, unplugged and plugged the battery again, got to shoot perfectly without cilinder and now even with the cilinder it shoots OK. Any ideas why? im still a bit puzzled by it although I think it could be related to the added sorbo pad in the cilinder in anyway @_@


In the happy note, I have ordered an A&K PTW mag from taiwan gun (15€ shipped) and will inform about compatibility upon arrival


Moar happy notes, Rsov is selling the M4A1 variants of the MAX3. Tempted, but I will wait for WGCShop to stock them, they wont add a "Free" Vanaras mag to make the price 30$ higher than the DD rail model





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Better late than ever, now with MOAR double posting...


Since my last post some goodies have been Installed:


* ACM GBBR ASAP swivel, no mods to be done, perfect fit

* ACM LE M4 stock for AEG, a bit of wobbling, nothing serious once in shooting stance

* A&K magazine, perfect fit, zero wobble, perfect feeding. Bad side is that it struggles to activate the bolt lock feature


Waiting for:


* vanaras metal mags

* G&P magic pin

* Element GBBR Tango down grip to mod


Lets keep the thread alive ; )

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Still swearing at mine trying to get the accuracy better.
PTW barrel fits in the DTW outer barrel.
Will feed on empty mags but serious fps issues on full mags.
Waiting for dytac PTW barrel to arrive.

Still alot of jumping on FPS on standard cylinder, I've stripped and rebuilt and replaced orings. 
Want to test a PTW cylinder. 

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Update. Dytac outer barrel in.

Ptw chamber being used. Feeds and fires fine on chrono.

Acted up during game. Few misfeeds. Odd low fps round etc etc.

Packed it away.

I believe this is down to the fact the ptw hop chamber I have has been sanded down quite a lot. Now waiting to ordr a new ptw hop chamber, and will report back.

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Check the back end of the cylinder verses the stock tube cap. If it only needs little effort to split the upper/lower then it may need the stock tube cap packing out alittle.


My FPS loss was due to the loose fitting between the cylinder and the stock tube cap. Packed out the cap slightly (using a thin o ring) and there is less visible variance between shots. Won't be able to say more till i get access to a chrono

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Anyone seen this yet?


Celcius CTW MX-4



S-T-T-S confirmed they will soon be taking pre-orders on their Facebook page too.

Looks like some good improvements?

Whoha, at 1000 euros you'd be better off buying a tested and trusted Systema PTW, wouldn't you?

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you mean the several releases so bad that they ditched their own product and used the DTW as the base model, then threw some spares in the box to justify a price hike? If you feel confident enough to work on it yourself, by the parts you need/want then assemble it. If you mix the right blend of DTW/CTW and PTW parts you will have a good bit of kit for similar price to the CTW MAX BOOBIES Extreme edition

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Hi i just godt my a&k mk4, and it is realy a great weapon. But after some times opening and closing the reciever. It has gotten a lot tighter :S in the beginning it only took a little snap to open, but now i really have to use some force.

but it doesnt look like there is any thing stuck in there. 

Anyone that got the same problem?

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