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Element M300A Mini Scout Light quick review

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Sorry for the old thread revival, but the questions are relevant and better than a new thread.

Does anybody know if the LED is swappable between the M300, and M600.

Can the LED actually be removed? I can only seem to unscrew the head end on mine.
I have a multitude of different colours LED bulbs used in Ultrafire torches and would love to swap them over!



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Mine has just arrived from Combat South who have it in stock for £39.95 + £5 P&P.

Initial impressions are good. Light output seems impressive (tested in my pitch black loft) when using a fresh Duracell battery. Build quality is pretty decent as well, although the thread holding the head of the torch to the body is incredibly short, so a knock might do some major damage.

Biggest issue I have with mine is that Cross bolt for the mount spins freely, so it's very difficult to really tighten the mount up onto the rifle properly. I'm going to be getting one of the Gear Sector/HSP/LaRue low profile mounts for mine though.

All in all, definitely worth it for the price.

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