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Project ”Perfect Pistol Case” (RS replicas)


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Thanks. I thought you were a spam-bot considering how many posts you have been last poster on lately.




I got the RS P226 grips today, and fit and installation was a breeze compared to the P228 grips!


I just had to widen the screw holes and remove a small nub that was intefering with the hammer pin on the left hand side.

The de-cocker rubs a little bit on the inside of the cut-out for it, but still operates and feel fine, so I will just let it wear in by itself.


Unfortunately the grips were slightly warped out of the box so the back-ends do not line up or fit 100%, but whatchya gonna do.


There were RS screws included with the grips, but they did not work because the threads on those were fatter than the WE ones. I did not bother threading up the frame holes as it makes little to no differense, even for me with OCD. Not worth the work.


Worth noting for this particular model with trades it already had decent texture/feel and markings on the grips but the RS ones were a little different and a slight improvement. Well worth the money. And if you got a plain WE F226, this is a nice upgrade!









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Some new pics of my stuff, WIP.


PPQ stuff











I found a guy in the US who had an RS Sig P226 2005 limited edition NAVY pistol that got me some pics of the box and codes. It is suposed to be in an old style blue SIG box which I am trying to get, but until then;


Updated with RS kleen-bore chamber flags and SIG style packaging bags (to keep them lubricated and scratch free during shipping) and RS P226 grips!











"Convering" my WE F228 from a old style P228 packaging to the new M11-A1 style. The pistol isn't really a M11-A1, mainly the lack of extractor is the biggest giveaway, other than that, I think it's passable :D


Updated with new labels, kleen-bore chamber flag, plastic bags and RS P228 grips!











When everything is finalized I will take pics with my real camera and make videos :D

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Got some Beretta goods coming in for my WE M9A1 new gen, so I had to get in to InDesign again :D

(below is just duplication of reference picture, not edited to reflect my WE M9A1. Well barcodes are edited...)




Close enough?

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Thanks :P


About the spacing, font does not match 100%. And original reference pic is slightly distorted. So I overlayed replica on top of original when lining it up, and the majority of it does line up, but due to font differenses I can't make it 100%. But thanks for the feedback :P


Also won't be able to tell until I print it, and take a picture and compare.


InDesign view vs. printed and photographed reference = further differences.

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Another hard days work in InDesign :P


JPEG compression is making some of the details look derpy so... :P


Beretta barcode stickers;




Beretta trigger guard tag;




Beretta warranty card front (WIP);




Just saw the mistake in above, forgot to change some letters in the wararnty bla bla bla. Also blue color is off spec. Kind of hard to tell depending on exposure etc. I went with Berettas logo blue from their web, R1, G42, B90 :P


Goddamn Beretta having to do that 3D emblem effect :| GRRR!

Think I turned out alright for my first attempt.



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Well I did some printing tests today of my Beretta stuff. Turned out fairly well. Some mistakes and problems, doesn't show in the picture but, here it is;




Label came out absolutely great! I just don't know if I got the size/scale just right, won't know until I get the boxes.


Trigger guard label came out good too, with the exception of the resolution of the US flag beeing too low, so if you look up close it is actually pixelated... Hrmmm. I look at so many US flags to find a good match, texture and angle wise, that I'm not sure I want to trade that for higher resolution. But then again, nobody will know exactly what the flag is supposed to look like, but they will notice pixelation. So I guess I'll go hunting for a new flag.


Manual came out alright, printer at work isn't the best, so there's some banding in the large gray/black areas. And I also did some alignment errors in InDesign for the pages so it's kind of derpy inside.


We have actual production print systems at work, but I don't know how to operate them and I feel kind of silly asking the guys in charge to print this kind of material for me :|

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Berettas website has this to say about the trigger guard;



Combat Trigger Guard

The combat trigger guard on the M9A1 is optimized for best placement of the off-hand, as well as for ease of reholstering.


Hmmm. I am on the fence about getting other slides. I have made a decision to stick with stock WEs due to low price and me being relatively satisfied with them without spending a lot of money and having to fiddle with the stuff to get it to work. So I dunno. Probably not. The accessories will have to make up for the lack of trades :P


The pixelation on the tag is only visible at sub 20-15cm viewing distance so, I might leave it.

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Got a nice little care package from a friend in the US;








RS Beretta factory case, pistol lock, cleaning kit, grips and screws.

Replica tag and manual.

Also have Beretta magazine loaders somwhere that I forgot to put in there.


Need to make the outer cardboard box for the plastic box, because that is where the label and manual goes. :o

Will see how I can go about doing it, got a few ideas.

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Beretta pistol lock box replicated from physical item. Should be 99.99% correct :D




Getting printed on 300g A4 paper. then cut, cut cut, score, fold, glue. Done :D


Tomorrow I am editing the manual to fix some mistakes.


Will also do layout for the outer cardboard box for the pistol case itself.

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OK then.


So I just finished up my first prototype box for the Beretta plastic case outer sleeve.


Dimensions are spot on. Detail cuts and folds needs some adjustment, but not bad for a first attempt.


102cm x 70cm 440g cardboard sheets used... :o


dat cardboard doe


Anyways. My idea is to spraypaint it a deep blue color, then print out the Beretta logo on some 300g paper, cut out the outlines, and use the cutout as a mask on top of the blue to spray the Beretta logo in silver. I don't know exactly how that's going to go, but I will try it.


And yes I could just buy the boxes from someone, but I put up a post on Beretta Forums for some help and willing to buy and got ZERO responses back.

Plus those boxes are used and come with a incorrect labels from what I have in mine.

Plus it's fun to make it :D


Here are some pics.



Hehe :D



Even replicating the pretty intricate and confusing quadruple-bottom-fold-over-self design... A little off spec right now.



As suspected the label is a little oversized. Already adjust in my source design and will print out new ones :D



Fits like a glo... box ? :D



Even the manual fits in there, woop woop!


Looking forward to getting my spray paint and try it out... Thinking 1 layer base coat, 2 layers blue and silver, and 2 layers clear coat.

Will cut and fold before spraying so there is less risk of tearing in the seams...


Wish me luck!


Oh, will also use this cardboard to make APS CAM870 shell boxes :D

Will paint black, and put on a label sticker. Maybe stencil some cool design on there.


One thing I am dissappointed in is that the inside of the cardboard is a matte white finish. I wanted the bare gray cardboard finish inside, but I guess I'll live :|

That was available but as 350g. Having used this 440g I can't use anything less, that's for sure.


Fuuu.... I may have to get the proper paper with gray backing... It just looks too nice with a white inside :|


Actually, probably not. The number of times and amount of seconds the insides will ever be exposed... Not worth it... Or is it ? :o

hurr durr.

Will at least try my painting first before ordering any more materials.

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