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ASR-110 EBB Advance Special Rifle, HK416C GBB, & G&P Shorty Shoties

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A.P.S. ASR-110 EBB Advance Special Rifle (Dark Earth)

-- Accuracy Pneumatics Shooting ASR Series Airsoft Electric Blow Back Rifle

-- EBB Bolt Design

-- Aluminum Receiver (Engraved "SPECIAL PURPOSE RIFLE" Marking)

-- 390mm steel outer barrel and 105mm ported muzzle brake

-- Lightweight 13" Guardian Rail Transformation System

-- APS Rhino Iron Spring Loaded Flip-Up system Front / Rear Sight

-- Plastic Made Hand Grip and 6 position adjustable Butt Stock With Rubber Pad

-- Steel made M4 hi-cap 300 rds magazine (Dark Earth Color)

-- Dark Earth Color


This rifle will no longer a secret weapon reserved for the use of Special Force and elite. This assault rifle has all the advanced features and design implementation that making this gun becomes outstanding among the others. Patented rhino sight and RTS (Rail Transform System) hand guard (created by CNC), heavy style outer barrel and muzzle are being used in this rifle. Fully upgraded interior like bearing piston head, bearing spring guide, HYBRiD Gear Box and 6.05 Stainless Steel Barrel are being used in this gun. Shooting performance and the stylish appearance with high quality finishing will make this gun become incomparable with others.


The feature presentation of this rifle is probably lies with its lightweight 13" Guardian Rail Transformation System that allows for full customization. Rail segments can be installed in the four usual 90 positions (top, bottom, left, right). Each rifle includes one 4" rail with a QD point and two 2" rail segments and can be installed via the included rail backing plates and mounting screws. Using the very same installation process, there are options on the hand guard to install those rail segments in 45 angled positions (Top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left) giving you more options and possibly to customize your set up.






Umarex (VFC) HK416C GBB Rifle (Asia Edition)

-- Official HK (HECKLER & KOCH) Licensed Authentic Marking on Body

-- Fully / Semi-Auto Shooting Mode

-- Built with Full Metal Gear & Gearbox

-- Nylon Fiber Pistol Grip and stock Pad

-- Steel Made 35 rounds Loading Capacity Magazine

-- Steel made shortened buffer tube to allow a retractable stock

-- Metal Made Flip-up Front and Rear Sight

-- Steel 210mm One-Piece Outer Barrel With 55mm Flashider

-- Black Color Version














G&P M870 Shorty Limited (Fixed Stock, Tan)

-- 370FPS Power Full Metal Short Barrel Edition

-- Shotgun M870 Metal Body, Shotgun CA870 Barrel Front Set (Short), CA870 Short Magazine (22rds) and M870 Fixed Stock

-- Tan Color Version




G&P M870 Original Shotgun (Shorty, Foliage Green)

-- 370FPS Power Full Metal Short Barrel Edition

-- Shotgun M870 Metal Body, Shotgun CA870 Barrel Front Set (Short), Shotgun M870 PA Grip, CA870 Short Magazine (22rds)

-- Foliage Green Color Version










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