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Front sight dovetail cut on slide is too wide and front sight has a pin that goes through slide.     Rear sight (left) has channel for blowback unit while RS sight (right) does not. Rear sight al

I took a little time to recontour and stipple my HK3P M&P more like my real M&Ps. I decided to go with a combination between how Boresight Solutions and ATEiGuns do their frames. The one thing

Hi there,  The issues with the WE M&Ps has been resolved for a couple of years now, it initially took them quite some time to sort that one out - very disappointing at the time though !   The

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very recently got my M&P9 from WE, S/N 20xxx and the sear is nice and sharp, the hop up wheel is free to rotate and it works great.
the hop arm needed a little bending to lower the bucking without curving the BBs though.

the glowing sight works - when moving from sunny outdoors to a dark room, long trigger reset like the real one as i remember.

overall fine gun.

the grip is definitely going to be stippled to cover up the WE logo.


now i can start working on my engraving, re-finishing and maybe making a whole new slide for it from AL7075-T6... Mil-Spec hard anodizing of course...


attached - pics of th WIP model.post-85450-0-47524200-1409585151_thumb.jpgpost-85450-0-04598200-1409585203_thumb.jpgpost-85450-0-18880100-1409585214_thumb.jpgpost-85450-0-86668500-1409585831_thumb.jpg

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Nice slide model. I can't tell but is that just a stock WE slide with proper trades?

What CAD program do you use and how do you make sure the measurements and tolerances are correct for fitment of internals ? :o

I do some 3D/CAD myself, so curious.


If you make it I would be interested in a kit :D

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Im using Solidworks

The measurments are from the striped slide and a digital caliper. For the dimentions i couldn't take with a caliper i've used a image overlay from a scanner and a RS hi-res photos.

I've made the slide for 5 axis CNC milling in mind, so most of the internals will be slightly different because WE are casting and finishing with some milling.

And i needed to take into account the thick hard anodize.

The logos are from vector images i've made and the letters are as close as i could make with the existing fonts i have.


As for making you one, thats im afraid not possible, shipping things like that is next to impossibe here.

Airsoft cost like 2.5 times more than the US...


And the slide is a standard slide with marking. I wanted an atei style but im afraid the wall thickness on the top will be too small. Ill run a simulation on it once ill finish...

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Just shot my WE M&P with Ace1Arms SAI slide on it. It was nice.

I have filed the sear and hammer to work properly and it shot really well actually. No problems at all.

Nice crips blow back and fairly good accuracy with .3g BBs.

I have a 150% TM 1911 spring in there but didn't seem to be a problem, other than gas efficiency which I don't care about. :D

Feels nice in the hand too when shooting.

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NonEx, can you check the original gold barrel on your A1A SAI slide kit and see if the chamber seats properly while the slide is at rest? For some reason, my chamber can move freely in the slide and it's bugging the hell out of me!


It looks as if they shaved a little too much material off of the top of the slide thus not allowing the chamber to rest properly and "catch"

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So this is what I'm faced with:


Normal resting



But my barrel moves freely even with the slide disengaged




It would seem that the top of the slide that's suppose to hold the chamber in place is severely lacking in material hence the barrel is allowed to bounce freely back and forth.


I normally wouldn't mind this except that after every shot, the chamber fails to seat correctly.

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After reaching out to Ace 1 Arms via Facebook Messaging regarding the barrel issue, their response was essentially; "tough luck, we messed up on that region of the slide and since it's purely aesthetic and doesn't affect the function of the gun, we don't really care."


Not sure if I had too high hopes for this company or what, but the barrel really sucks to look at :<

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Finally, after months of owning one of these, I got it to work. A bit.


Disconnector problems from the first 3 days of owning it.

Tried to file the hammer mech as a suggested fullauto/burst fix, but it just made it worse. So got replacements for the WE XDM(yes it fits the M&P).

Finally found a fix that seems to work. 2 strips of electrical tape on the top of the BBU and now it hits the disconnector so the hammer locks back on cycle.


Next up, months and months of contemplating a hop-up fix for the stuck hop adjuster.


WE, not the first time I end up with *fruitcage* products. Half arsed through QC.


Can not in my sound mind recommend this product.

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