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Front sight dovetail cut on slide is too wide and front sight has a pin that goes through slide.     Rear sight (left) has channel for blowback unit while RS sight (right) does not. Rear sight al

I took a little time to recontour and stipple my HK3P M&P more like my real M&Ps. I decided to go with a combination between how Boresight Solutions and ATEiGuns do their frames. The one thing

Hi there,  The issues with the WE M&Ps has been resolved for a couple of years now, it initially took them quite some time to sort that one out - very disappointing at the time though !   The

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I received my Toucan in the other day. As stated above, the hop up wheel is unable to move. I pulled it apart and noticed it catches on the left side of the hop up housing. A little grinding away to the housing to make some clearance and it spins freely. I haven't been able to do some range test yet, so no idea on hop up adjustments.


Other than that, I wanted to switch out the ramp style rear sight on it. I think the stepped or ledge rear sight is better as it provides a contact surface for one handed slide manipulations. Removed the rear sight and found out it has a post that travels through the slide that connects and holds the blow back unit in place. There's also a recess in the bottom of the sight where it sits on the blow back unit. Either hack the post off and weld it onto the replacement sight and some grinding or trash the idea. For now, I'll keep the stock sight and wait to see if there's any aftermarket replacements. And about one handed manipulations, the slide and recoil spring are light enough that it will work with the ramp rear sights.


Trademarks I don't really care about. It would've been nice if they tried to replicate the melonite finish on the slide.


Here's a quick pic for you guys and girls(?).




Edit: Also, still waiting on ebairsoft for those mags I ordered. I can see why majority of customers give him negative reviews.

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Sorry to bump this, but from the very first shot, I got burst fire/full auto, and dumped the gas. Not to mention, the BB only leaves the barrel once, and then jams and needs to be cleared. I moved the hop up all the way so its non existent, but still no help. I cant find the info WE posted about grinding down the trigger mechanism. Can anyone help me find this?


I own the real deal, and Im pleased with the feel and appearance, but I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the malfunctions I am having.

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I was going to buy a black one but I really cannot be fussed fixing the hop on another. It was shooting alright the day I got it on .2s with the stuck hop but not as far as I believe it could and I also tend to run .3s anyway. It has the potential to be a good shooter, it certainly feels nice to shoot with snappy recoil and a comfortable grip for me with the small back bit but the hop and all the messing about to get it into a serviceable condition is a let down.

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It's not the time, it's the messing about. Filing and testing, filing and testing. If I am spending the money on a new pistol, I want it to be serviceable, not having to take a file to it, just to be able to adjust the hop. Not when there are plenty of other pistols on the market for a similar price that are serviceable out of the box.

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Grinding away at the hop up housing and test fitting the hop up wheel is maybe a total of 5 minutes plus another 2-3 minutes to clean and assemble it back together. Not too much effort required unless you don't have the proper tools, and maybe more time spent if not using powered tools. For the price of the pistol, I wasn't too worried about having to tear down the gun and mess with things.

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So I got my delivery in today of my two WE M&Ps. First impression is actually "...mweh?". Not as blown away by it out of the box as I was by the F228. Might just be that I have been waiting so long that my excitement for this pistol has gone away... It didn't feel as good in the hand as I had imagined, I thought it would be "like a glove", but it was more like an FN 5-7 with the very long side profile of the grip. Will take some getting used to.


Small backstrap went on straight away, the others are too fat (wide) for me. Night sights / Glow in the dark sights, are a joke. Look like *suitcase*, work like *suitcase*. Gotta fix those ASAP.


Other than that, overall, it looks decent enough, but like I said, not the "Wow, holy *suitcase* this is nice" out of the box experience. Will have to fiddle with it over the weekend and get a better feel for it.


The tan is definatly more brownish than tan, will take some pics under controlled conditions this weekend.


Here are some videos;




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Got a WE m&p today and IMO this is the best pistol we have ever made, the slide is slick for the price with a nice paint job that is streets ahead of the early crapy paint WE used in the past, the seperat extracter is a nice touch and adds to the realasim. The body pins and trigger are top quality and are the best thing about this gun, I dont like the material used for the frame though its cheap polmer that marks with a quick rub of a fingure nail much like there xdm frames (not the super high quality ABS you get from marui or ksc). I had to fix the hop wheel like everyone else and the dots on the sights were painted by a blind man, but all in all not bad for a 90 quid. I am very impresed by the blowback and it shoots straight anuf, the internals are better then previous WE models with less casting marks and better monkey metal . for me a solid 8/10

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FYI, my feelings for the M&P have gone up since I got it :)


From "...mweh?" to "COOL!" :D


I digg the recoil spring. I would guesstimate it is somwhere between 150% - 200% spring, real snappy.


The hop wheel is locked on both mine, have to look into that. Can someone post referense pics of where to mod the hop to get them to work properly ?


Tried the different backstraps around. I think ideally I would like something inbetween small and medium, but the small one works fine. Absolutely love the way the backstraps are changed out, best solution I have seen so far! Fit into the frame and grooves is spot on, as good as you can expect (not in a bad way!).


The trigger, hmmm. I am starting to wonder if it isn't a little too smooth, light and hairline-break-trigger. I mean, if the gun is cocked or not, the trigger pull is identical, absolutely no resistanse (well maybe very minor when cocked), and then without even blinking it goes "BAM!". I would think that is "good", but will take some getting used to compared to all the other triggers I got in my pistols.


What else... Frame material is probably a little too rubbery and velvety compared to RS, but it feels good in the hand still. I have no referense for an RS M&P but see video above for comment on that.


Disassembly/field strip is pleasantly easy, unlike the XDM which makes you want to throw the slide assembly out the window.

Spring guide rod is captured (thumbs up!), comes out without much effort, and the outer barrel comes out easy enough as well. So I like that for sure.


I tried switching over the magazine release on one of mine, and can again confirm that it does not work, out of the box. However, I do think it can be done with minor mods to the frame. It seems one end of the button / frame is smaller than the other, so when reversed it doesn't go thru. If you expand the smaller hole in the frame it would probably work, but would end up giving you a slight gap around the magazine release button.


Magazine holds a maximum of 24 BBs, which leaves zero play in the spring, so I would recommend 22 at the most. Not sure where the advertised 21 comes from.


As pointed out before, once I got a feel for the gun and grip, it is very nice and "pointable" indeed, feels easy to get a good firm grip and control over the pistol.


Sights, sigh, biggest flaw on this thing so far. What were they thinking... The actual "paint work" is *suitcasey*, green paint everywhere around the sight dots. Works very poorly even in fairly bright light conditions, useless in low-light and dark situations. Rather have usable good, clean and crisp normal sights for day use than ###### poor GITD sights that doesn't work in either situation.


Thats it for now, sleepy as hell-a!

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I knew you'd come around mate ;). I'm gonna get some decent glow in the dark paint and re do my sights.


Re the hop. It seems there's a groove in the hop unit and a notch on the hop wheel. One or the other needs filing down iirc. I'll ask my mate as he's done his. I'll be doing mine tomorrow.

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