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Review - Umarex M27 IAR GBB4 HK416

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@Supervepr... LOL! :)


@Disco, I'm hoping that with either of the two leads that VFC provided, I'll be able to get some recourse...


To All, regarding FULL mag dumps.... with only 30~ + rounds i the MAG a FULL dump completed in about 3~5 seconds, and then you have to switch over to another mag... That's the main reason I didn't like FULL auto to begin with and opted for short FULL auto bursts... How do you guys run GBBR with AUTO in general... FULL mag dump, Short bursts, or SEMI only...?

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Wow, I got two replices from VFC agents. WGCShop (HK) and Kic.com.tw (Taiwan). I believe the reply from Kic.com.tw, by "Jessica" may the same one who helped out the other chap in the first POST for HK416 VFC.



At any rate, I thought I share Kic.com.tw website for ALL parts VFC and GBBR and a few others as well... :)




Enjoy as I'm about to place my order for my replacement parts including a VTOL Charging handle and STEEL Bolt by Z-Parts...

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I asked about the replacement BCG at WGC, they are out of stock of the original vfc ones right now, but they should get them back in stock sometime, don't know when though. The other one is the steel BCG like everyone is talking about now, and that is going for like 1K HKD around that.

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@Akira - No worries, I'm glad you provided the info that a STEEL version was even available to begin with! :) No worries if it is RA-Tech vs. Z-Parts...

@Hitman - Allan @ WGC Shop and I spoke and he said it should be in sometime next week, he will even keep me posted when the *NEW* version GBBR magazines with HK logos are available. Keep in mind the that the M27 IAR shipped with generic M4 GBBR sans logo, indeed even the two (2) extra mags that I ordered were the same generic. I've got my sights set on the newer version with the HK logos... see Leo Tam discuss the newer version of the GBBR magazine and HK logos here:



3:20 ~ 3:30 mark in video... :)


I personally can't wait...

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Lonewolf are you gonna get the z-tactical steel bolt?

I needed to CHECK and DOUBLE check with Jessica that the Z Parts Bolt had the HK logo, yes replied with a smile and said. Check out the enclused photo! :)




PS. This is the BOLT only, two (2) additional parts are needed: 1.) VFC Nozzle set & 2.) Z-Parts STEEL Nozzle/Bolt stop. They'll assemble all three (3) parts and ship out the unit as a complete BOLT Carrier Group complete for $140.


In a word YES, I'm ordering it...!

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FYI - My MAGPUL accessories arrived FINALLY from Canada and I can't wait to post pics of my HK416 fully tricked out with Magpul accessories and EOTech...  I have a 3X mag and Trijicon on order to be delivered soon as well...


YES...  Of course, I'll post info on the ZParts when they finally arrive from Taiwan (BCG)... BTW - Did I forget to mention they have new USMC stickers to fully ROUND off the M27 IAR to make it official...?? 


Pics will be posted soon...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Happy New Year to One and All… !!! :busted_blue:


Today is the first day back in the office (work) for me and guess what my corporate mail room delivers to my office???!

Yup you guess it, my special package from Taiwan:


VFC – HK 416 replacement NOZZLE set (2 PCS)

VFC – M27 IAR new stickers to complete M27 IAR

Sader – Oversized M4 charging handle

Z-Parts  - FULL Steel BCG (includes VFC Nozzle Set & Z-Parts STEEL guide block) (TOP)

VFC – FULL complete BCG Aluminum  (BOTTOM)

(NOTE:  Yes, the HK Logo looks WAY WAY better on the Z Parts than the original VFC, it’s not the CAMERA…)




Close up (Macro image) of the VFC bolt Newest version (?) includes a small surprise…  Notice the CORNER where the BOLT catch would attach?  It has a PIN/ROD/DOWEL, I can only assume this is a steel PIN to hinder/retard the wear/tear from STEEL bolt catch that destroyed my original BOLT






Will perform full tests with the new bolts and will report on RECOIL, FPS, GAS Consumption and MOST importantly if the FULL MAG DUMP works!!! 


Complete Gallery here:


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I look forward to reading about your tests. I almost got myself a 416c the other day, they are basically out of stock in hk right now besides one or 2 stores. But i decided to wait to see what you came up with with your tests and also to see if the second batch of these guns that come to hk will have little improvements. Thanks for doing this!!

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Good news so far!!!

The new bolt is really good, ZParts is giving a HARDER recoil than the stock VFC/UMAREX Bolt, but it's only NOTICIBLE it's not a major/significant difference.  The steel bolt is show NO SIGNS of wearing at all on the corner that catches on the BOLT CATCH... 


The NOZZLE set that came with my M27 must have been the 2nd gen(?) version with the SILVER piston head 2 pcs in total.  While the new one from Taiwan, is a SINGLE piece unit with VER. 3.0 clearly stamped on Nozzle Set.


I hope to run CHRONO this weekend, sorry for delay but the least I could do was to provide this tidbit...  :)


Please do let me know if you should have any additional questions/concerns...

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Thanks lonewolf!! It sounds promising, full mag dump with the zparts bolt would be greatly appreciated. I actually don't play with full auto when i'm running around with a GBBR, but it's nice to know that it will work. Thanks again!!


oh btw... i see that you got one of the newer vfc bolts with that pin the bolt lock corner... how is that bolt holding up? Thanks.

Edited by hitmanhigger
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So I couldn't wait and I dropped some money on a 416c this past weekend. Sadly, the bolt catch no long works after like 3 mags. The nozzle was also sticking a lot after the bolt catch stopped working and i'm wondering if it's dude to the corner of the bolt where the bolt catch locks onto being worn out is causing all these problems. For the couple mags that I put through it, it was pretty solid. The gun is at home in Hong Kong while i'm away at work during the week. So don't get to test it anymore until next weekend. A shame that Umarex and VFC use metal that is so bad that even G&P pot metal bolts last longer then that. I'm waiting for WGC to get the z-parts steel bolt in next week and I'll get that. I think it should solve all the problems and I'm sure Lonewolf will give us all a better idea of the bolt once he tests it all out.


I also did a test with a pro-win version 2 mag that I have for my viper and G&P guns, it fits into this 416c perfectly and even the dimensions look similar on the mags, but it seems that the hammer doesn't have enough power to knock open the valve on the mag. Anyone else ever tried getting some WA system mags to work on these VFC guns?

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Hi Hitman,


So sorry to hear about the problem with yoru HK416C, the NEWEST bolt ver. 3 see pic #3 of my last post shows the BOLT to be modified by VFC/UMAREX with a HARDENED pin, so that it doesn't get worn down...  So the BOLT catch issue should no longer be an issue...  Using both the NEW VFC and the NEW Z-Parts BOLT the Bolt catch worked flawlessly without fail.  If you need want the TAIWAN contact for KickBan Gun shop let me know and you can order a new complete bolt from Jessica $35.00USD for VFC or Z-Parts FULL steel but that will be a LOT more money...


Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by NOZZLE is "sticking a lot...", please provide more details...?


I would hold off on ordering any more magazines for now, apparently VFC will be making new ones with FULL HK trades on them...  :)  I can't wait...

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