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S&T T21 EBB, KSC AK74M, XCR Polymer Version & a FG M11A1

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S&T T21 Standard Electric Blowback AEG (Professional Version, Dark Earth)

-- High Strength Polymer Body

-- Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting Mode

-- 300 rounds Hi-Cap M4 Type Magazine

-- Functional Charging Handle & Bolt

-- Metal 460mm Standard Length Outer Barrel and Flashider

-- High Strength Polycarbonate Gearbox With Quick Change Spring System

-- Handguard Battery Compartment with fast & easy battery replacement

-- Electric Blow Back System Gearbox With Quick Change Spring System

-- Dark Earth Color, Professional Version

-- Also available in Black and Carbine versions.





KSC AK74M Gas Blowback Rifle (System 7 Two)

-- 160mm Nylon handguard

-- Full metal Body With Steel Top Cover

-- Nylon 240mm full length Folding Stock

-- Aluminum 360mm Outer Barrel With 80mm Flashider (Clockwise Barrel Thread )

-- 42 rds Loading Capacity Magazine

-- Reinforced Gas Blow Back System

-- Offer Powerful 420FPS (w/ Top Gas)






The Robinson Armament XCR is a multi-caliber, gas piston weapon system developed by Robinson Armament Co. for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to satisfy the requirements of the SOF Combat Assault Rifle, or SCAR competition


The Echo1 fully licensed Robinson Armament XCR receivers are manufactured out of high strength, light weight, CNC machined aluminum. This ensures the strongest, most precise and lightest weight package available. The gun bares authentic deeply engraved Robinson Armament roll marks on the lower receiver. Each gun is uniquely serial numbered to ensure the highest quality product available. The gun contains numerous steel components to further increase the longevity and durability of this Automatic Electric Gun (AEG).


Echo 1 XCR Polymer Version (Short Version, w/ Battery & Charger)

Semi & Fully Automatic Shooting mode

One-piece Full Metal Upper Receiver With Polymer Lower Receiver

On top of upper receiver cover by full flat top picatinny rail and tri-rails offer sufficient space for tactical accessories

Two Standard M4 Magazine accommodate 120 Rounds of 6mm Plastic BB

Come With Nylon Foregrip

Equipped with 6 Position Extendable Stock

210mm Outer Barrel with 45mm Flashider




EAC M11A1 GBB Submachine Gun with G&P STEEL Kit Upgrade (Foliage Green)

-- M11A1 Gas Blow Back Airsoft SMG

-- FULL STEEL METAL CUSTOM work by our gun smith

-- KSC M11A1 GBB + G&P Custom Body Kit (GP766-FG) "Silencer NOT included"

-- Foliage Green Color


Metal Parts Include:

- Slide

- Receiver

- Inner Barrel

- Cocking Lever

- Bolt Set

- Flash hider

- Stock

- Gas Tanked Magazine

- Trigger & Trigger Guard

- Bolt Handle

- Safety & Shooting Mode Switch

- Sling Swivel






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