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Carl Gustav M/45 (Swedish K) build log


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Hi guys,


Inspired by a love of Vietnam airsoft and building guns, Matt (Wolfman) and I decided to make an M/45 for games where we play SOG/SF as a unique change to the usual mix of Armalites and Kalashnikovs. As a bonus this build is being entered to the Arnies build competition .


For anyone who doesn't know what a "K" is here's the wiki page on it




From a technical aspect the build will be steel where we can and some ali/brass will be used where either steel cannot be used due to tooling limitation or it will not be seen, like internal structures. All steel parts will be hot/niter blued or possibly pakerized if I can get some manganese phosphate ordered in. A lot of K's were painted green but whats the point using steel if you can't show it off!


Mechanically it'll run a V7 box with custom cylinder head and feed from MP40 mags. Hop will most likely be an AK one. this'll be a full auto only affair with mosfet/micro switch trigger.


Righty ho on to the pictures. (let's be honest you never read the words)




From this..




to this




Barrel Nut


Still a WIP needs final bit of lathing and texturing




Heat shield


Drilled and hot blued. Still need's cutting to length






Turned down to correct diameter and test blued. still needs cutting and further lathing




More to come.....

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Parts and diagram




Barrel/heat shield joint


It'll make more sense as the build goes on. You'll see!






Wolfman on the tools




Barrel Nut and Front sight guard


The nut is now drilled and turned to the right size. Still need to texture and blue it.




Heat Shield and Front Sight Guard





Comments welcome


Dave and Matt

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Maaan, if I had access to that workshop...

Anyway, good looking K so far and at this rate you'd likely finish earlier compared to mine. About the finish though, you may want to paint it in OD. All Ks imported from Sweden at the time came with a green paint finish as standard. If it (paint) wore down significantly it's sent back to the armorer for another coat of green, that is, in the Swedish army. In Vietnam the GIs just let the paint chip away and many of the surviving specimens today are almost completely devoid of paint and even reblued in some cases. But if you want it to look like it was still in the 60s-70s, it's gonna be a more accurate depiction, despite how ugly it might look, to have a heavily worn down painted finish.

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Did a bit more work on thursday


Brass thingy




In place. Relatively rough finish on these parts as they are mostly obscured by the heat shield.




Sight guards




Me on the tools. Still very novice at all the big boy stuff.




Managed to get the armourers manual for the K but it's all in swedish. Good for ref pics tho.





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Update and pics!


Barrel nut knurled




Front end


Outer barrel grub screwed into Brass barrel collar. Then the heat shield hammered into place. This thing is ROCK SOLID!




another shot




Barrel has been blued now and so have the sights (pics to follow) Also made a start on the cocking handle and fake bolt.


Make a start on the lower receiver next week and start fitting the internals soon. Just gotta make a a custom motor cage and cylinder head for the V7 gearbox.


Comments welcome


Dave and Matt

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Thanks for all the kind words. To be honest the manual is for the detailed drawings from odd angles. From that we can scale the size of bits.


Back to the pretty bits......



Blued some bits today. Everyone loves blued steel so here's some pics...


Front sight guard




Barrel assembly




Mocked up




Going with the factory style OD paint job but with a severe "jungle wear" and basicaly remove over 50% of it to reveal the sexy blue steel.





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Oh, HELL to the YES!


I will follow this thread closely...



Really takes me back to the days when I did military service.

But isn't SRC supposed to release an airsoft Swedish K?

. Fast forward to 6:25 -ish.


On another note: will your M/45 accept the 5 krona mod, like the real steel counterpart? :P

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Hello again. Sorry for the large delay but working at a school means no shop time while it s closed for Xmas and new year. Done a few minor parts but spent some time working out internals too. Sadly it makes pretty update pics so you'll have to wait till later in the week for some more. Hoping to have the GB in place and start working on the lower receiver this week

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