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For the past three years my Altama HopLites were my go-to boots in airsoft (and functions as my go-to work boot as well). Since then I began studying overseas and my Altamas started to fall short of expectations here. It is a non- Gore Tex boot which means it's not waterproof (duh...) and in where I currently live there's snow fall after late November. I began eyeing for a pair of gore tex boots that can supplement my Altamas. That's when I narrowed down to Asolo and Salomon, prominently because of their uses in Afghanistan by NATO armed forces. I eventually chose to go for a pair of size 12 Asolo Moran GRX (through backcountry.com).


A large box arrived at my house a week after purchasing it online. Inside lay my boot with some paper wrappings. My first impression was that they fit very well to my feet. I'm very careful when I'm down to selecting boots since I'm flat-footed and needed very good ankle support. The ankle is well-supported and should do pretty well on protecting my ankles when I'm in an airsoft fight or just a normal backpacking trip. I took my boots to a light excursion, a 3-mile hiking trail, and they require absolutely no breaking in. Immersing most of my boot into a stream (excluding the tongue) confirms that it is thoroughly waterproof.


Updates follows: Features of the boot, my three-day-backpacking trip with these, conclusion


Note: Since I'm studying overseas so far, this boot hasn't gone through any airsoft games yet but a believe that a backpacking trip should do justice on judging how good the boots are. The photo of my boot explains what happened to it after the first 3-mile hike. The outside is wet (as usual) but the inside remains bone-dry, thanks to the Gore Tex layer.

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