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KJW P226R - YouTube review and discussion

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Hi all,


I've had this gun for just over a year now, and put a ton of rounds through it and abused it plenty. She still works like a champ, and I love the way she feels on the field (have fun with that one...).


I just completed a video review of the gun, so give it a watch and leave a comment with your thoughts.


In summary, I definitely recommend this gun to both beginners and experienced skirmishers looking for a reliable sidearm (the mags are a different issue, but are easily fixed).




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Hi and thanks for the nice video review.

I´m thinking of getting this one too and running it with CO2.

Is yours the E2 model (ie. KJW kp-01-e2)? Did you try to run it with CO2, what kind of results you got?

Also I noticed you first tried a tightbore barrel with it, but ended up with the stock barrel, any specific reason for this?

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