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Swaps! My G&P Knights SR-16 M4 + M203


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Hi folks!


I'm sure by now that everyone in the whole world owns an M4 variant but if this is not the case with you then I'm offering mine up for swapsies! I've recent upgraded to a SCAR and simply don't use this any more.


I'm now in need of a CQB/Carbine/SMG type of weapon for close-quarter games. I usually play a Merc load-out so I'm not after any Krylon/Digital stuff, just something with a high ROF that's compact and sexy. :)


Take a look at the specs/pictures and offer me something! (Ideally of equal value!)


Rifle Make: This is a tip-top condition full-metal G&P K.A.C. SR-16 'Stoner Rifle'. This is a real old-school rifle made back in the day when having a 'metal body' actually meant something :) It's branded as you would expect.

Launcher Make: ACM


Rifle Model: Airsoft replica of Knight's Armament SR-15 M4 with a full front RIS and solid stock.

Launcher Model: M203 Shorty (full metal).


Accessories: I'm selling with one hi-cap (you've already got loads of M4 mags, right?). And the flip-up rear sight as standard. Battery can be provided if I get a like-minded swap. M203 is included as part of the deal.


Condition: Used - Good. This was my main rifle for many years and has seen extensive work done on the internals over the years. Currently it's under a year's warranty with Fire Support. Externally it's near perfect but just a bit of scuffing on the RIS and some screwdriver marks where the body has been split for maintenance.


FPS: Last check it was 340fps. Chrono'd at Sabre Force.


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Looking for swaps. Must be reliable, small and cool. I'm thinking something like a UMP or SIG 552 but really I am open to offers!


Shipping: As this is a swap ideally we should meet up for the exchange. I don't mind covering half the petrol costs etc. Postage can be arranged providing we cover our bases.




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