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Marui's MK23 SOCOM is largely viewed as the best Non-Blowback pistol going. It shares the same hop rubbers and barrel cut as the highly regarded VSR and makes for an excellent silent backup weapon for snipers, or reliable cold weather pistol. It's main disadvantage (other than its large size) is the lack of decent holster for them. It's possible to get a safariland that will fit, but you cannot carry it with the suppressor fitted. This is a major drawback for the sneaky beaky types among us, because of the hassle involved in attaching it, etc. under pressure.


For this reason (and the cost of safarilands!), fabric holsters tend to be most common carrying option. However, there are few that are designed to fit the mk23 specifically, and even fewer that aren't drop leg.


Enter the Tactical Tailor MK23 holster.




This is a modular holster, which is designed to accommodate the MK23, and can be molle mounted for left or right hand draw. The molle seen in the picture is the same on both sides, and allows you to mount long malice clips whichever side you prefer and any accessory pouches you might desire on the other. There is also a row along the spine that can be used for a single Molle item (such as a pistol mag or suppressor holder).


As it's a molle mount it can go on assault vest, belt or dropleg panel (if you must). Due to the long malice clips, normal warbelts will allow a little movement compared to a drop leg or vest mount, but I found it didn't cause any issues - certainly no flapping about or feeling insecure.


Additionally, the thumb break is velcroed on and can be switched too.



The outer construction is of heavy duty cordura and appears to be well stitched. This has been built around a stiffener of some type as the holster retains its shape and is designed solely for the MK23. When I initially received it it was quite a tight fit, but leaving it in the holster for a week between skirmishes has definitely helped. It is held tightly, even if the thumbbreak is not applied, and, crucially, the magazine release lever is not exposed when the gun is holstered. I trialled it today for the first time and did not drop any magazines at all, which is most unusual.


The holster proved easy to use, even with a suppressor attached. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase. It comes in at $45 direct from Tactical Tailor. For those of us in the UK, expect the usual shipping and ParcelFarce charges, sadly. Delivery is quoted as being 4 weeks, but I had mine in under two. Available in Black OD, coyote brown and multicam.

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No, but those carrying the LAM are - in my view few and far between (note, there may not be a great deal of Science! to back this up...). It requires you to have upgraded the LAM so it's actually useful and have a scenario in which to use it, which is basically urban. I would suggest a higher proportion of those using the MK23 are woodland players who don't require that feature. If you do, you're probably going to have to stick to the big black drop leg bag type holster.

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