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Simple build so far, have an integrated flashlight kit, a suppressor and a few more mags on preorder. Hopefully Evike gets them to me before I grow old and get dementia or something. I'll bother getting the fancy schmancy tripod and backdrop when it's evolved to its final form.

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No this one is for pictures, that one is for reviews. You can tell that because this one is in the pictures section, and that one is in the reviews section. :P

You sir, are quite right. I actually had them mixed up and thought it was the other way around... :wacko: 


So here's mine to give this thread some love (and since I posted it in the wrong section), I haven't found many pictures of that optics set-up so here it goes...







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Or you can always get a Numonster adapter that enables m4 stock instead of the regular stock, the install a Magpul UBR to counterbalance the front  B) (sure, it will add more weight to gun  :D)

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A lot of the time it's personal preference, but assuming you're right handed, then one front left of your rig, the other on the left hand side. You might prefer to have both on the front of your vest. Personally, with the length of the Vector mags, I'd have mine on a belt line at about my 9 o'clock.

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