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Hi chaps,


This thread will contain the upcoming birth of the creation between myself and Keswick.


History: -


Basically the idea for this project came about after randomly coming across the REX some years back prior to my playing BF 3. After playing said game and thinking to myself I wonder, I put the idea towards Keswick and within mere hours the ideas came forth.


Myself: - seasoned airsofter of 8 years, frequent daydreamer.


Keswick: - airsofter for 1 year but a seasoned engineer with aerospace expertise.


The gun: -


As most of us will know, the MP412 REX is portrayed mainly within the games of battlefield. What isn’t widely known is that this gun has only existed as a prototype. From what little information exists it is of break action design, 4” barrel.


The main details can be found on wiki: -  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP412_REX


Or world.guns: - http://world.guns.ru/handguns/double-action-revolvers/rus/izhmeh-mp-412-e.html


As this gun only exists as a prototype that few people have seen in person it proposed a problem. Using the only 4 pictures that exist we have got the design to as close as we can. It isn’t 100% accurate so please bare with us.


Our decisions: -


As we have jumped right in at the deep end there are a few unique features on this piece. Firstly it is a break action revolver, this design allows for the unique feature that we have created that if successful will make it the first reliable and skirmish able revolver allowing for fast reloads comparable to a semi-auto pistol. I wont say too much on this as it is a secret for now, for two reasons. One we aren’t sure that it will work so don’t want to get hopes up and two, if all goes according to plan we hope to produce this gun in batches in the future and don’t want to give anything away to any prying eyes. The things I shall reveal are that it will use standard marui hi-capa/1911 barrels and hop rubbers. The volume of gas per charge is just larger than that offered by a TM 4.3 Hi-capa agazine


Stats: -


Shots – 6

Modes – single/double action

Power – gas

Barrel length – 4”

Materials – steel, polymer (to be decided)

Hop up fixed (for the time being)

Finish: - Blued steel


This thread will be updated over the next year of the arnies build competition but machining will commence in the New Year and more pictures added as its built. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to updates. Please feel free to ask questions :)


Bellow is an image of our REX. While not revealing too much its internals are complete and ready for manufacture: - 



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he wants one and so do i.


oh, i have a couple of suggestions though. it wouod be cool if you could make it compatible with either wing gun revolver shells or marushin x cartriges so that we can stock up easily and with little cost compared to how much you could produce them for most likely. it would also be cool to be able to use moon clips (my prefered revolver reloading platform being that keeping all the shells together is a good idea on an airsoft platform).

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its so hard not to tell you how we have dont it! needless to say it wont be recieveing any standard shells. there is a reason for this that will be apparent in time. the reload system will be readily available for this system once completed. the main reason for this is the gas system we have designed. it doesnt use any previously used system as gas effiecency was what this gun was built around. 


you wont be disapointed i promise :)


edit: - i apologise but im not sure why the image isnt displaying :(

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Fast reloads without shells? I'm guessing you're cooking up a kind of moon clip that holds only bbs.


indeed, i shall explain now.


due to the rex being of a break action design it allowed a new system we have devised. in short our design allows for the whole cylinder to be removed. our system contains the gas within the cylinder so this essentially means that reload is as easy as with any semi-auto pistol. the extraction system of the rex is in place in our design as to aid in the extraction of the cylinder its as simple as breaking the action, removing the cylinder and inserting a new one. and away you goooooo :D. the internals of the cylinder are the untested part but we are confident it should work, theres nothing complicated in the whole gun at all but as we have no experience with the production of a gun from scratch were taking things slow.

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So it reloads exactly like the Pereira P33 from 2142? TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE.


yep, thats where i got the inspiration from. ever since i saw it back then ive wanted to make it. when i saw the rex i knew it was time :).


it occured to me that it was the best of both worlds, the fun of a revolver and the fast reload of a semi-auto pistol. it sadly doesnt take shells but all i ever hear is how annying it is to pick them up all the time.

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not yet, we are in the process of finalising the designs for the lower reciever and hand grip. sadly when we wanted to start machining the cnc company was over booked and then christmas came along, which as brits know shuts things down for 2 weeks. i hope to get machining started the first week in january.


we have desinged this to be cnc'd for maximum accuracy as i will not tolerate any poor fitting, much anoyance to keswick! if it comes own to it it is able to be machined by hand and i have a workshop on hand for keswick to use. either way it well get done asap.

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Not a gamer so don't get the game refs,  but in my mind your making an evolution of what Webley and Enfield used to do.


I see a Mk5 Webley Revolver thats been down the gym and hitting steroids.


A moon clipped version running win-gun shells would be too much win.


Watching with interest,  good luck with the project      (your my favourite allready)

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indeed dagonet, most break action designs are similar. the rex was a protoype russian revolver that never made it (probably becuase of the roids ;) so we thought why not lol.


the webley will probably be our next project once we know whats what with the REX


also thank you for your support.


on another note i have completed a virtual test of the break open mechanism and cylinder ejector and all seems to work.

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