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Tokyo Marui HK416D

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You must be a Snickers, because you satisfy me.   Marui appears to have gone through great pains to copy some of the main features of the HK416. When using the weapon these features become obvious.

Well its arrived , and is with out hesitation the best feeling AEG I've ever held ! Yes a bold statement but I really stand by it . The feel is just amazing , the weight , and just solidness to it to

Well finally got to scurmish mine today and considering its practically new out of the box and had had probably fewer than 200 BBs thought it before today , it IS the best AEG I have ever used ! The r

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I'm tempted to get another, they are so useful but I'm waiting on a custom made parallel circuit to be made out of one of the blanks, cant complain as the guy offered to do it for free as an experiment but I know if i buy another he'll turn up with a fancy duel wired one! 

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Has anyone else had magazine feeding problems? Mine won't feed, and if I manually pull the magazine catch back the bbs don't fly out. I took the plastic inner magazine out of the metal casing and loosened the screws a little. After doing this, I was able to manually empty the magazine, but once I put it back together it's as if the outer metal case is squeezing the plastic inner too tightly so the bbs can't actually come out.. Weird, it's just out of the box :(

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Agreed - try using a different brand of BBs first. Try some Blasters - they're reasonably cheap and known to be reasonably good. If the magazine doesn't work with Blaster 0.25g BBs then there's something wrong with the magazine; if it doesn't work with Zero One's own-brand 0.20g BBs, that might only prove it has good taste.

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Just thought I'd post some pictures from my deans battery mod.
First I completely removed the rails from the stock.

Remove the rails

Unsoldered and removed the rail connector, removed the spring, soldered on the wires which will run through the stock.

Solder on wires for stock

Post the wires back through the hole in the stock where the rails used to be.

Post wires through stock

Attached deans connector. I'll have to remove the connector again if I want to remove the stock again at some point, but I'm not sure I'll have much need to.

Attach Deans Connector


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