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Tokyo Marui HK416D

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You must be a Snickers, because you satisfy me.   Marui appears to have gone through great pains to copy some of the main features of the HK416. When using the weapon these features become obvious.

Well its arrived , and is with out hesitation the best feeling AEG I've ever held ! Yes a bold statement but I really stand by it . The feel is just amazing , the weight , and just solidness to it to

Well finally got to scurmish mine today and considering its practically new out of the box and had had probably fewer than 200 BBs thought it before today , it IS the best AEG I have ever used ! The r

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Right, with a 7.4 lipo, with a 25c discharge rate it had a rof of 15.9 and an average fps of 308.9. This was with no fuze and the deans connector soldered directly onto the wiring running along the bottom of the stock tube. Only other thing I have done is remove all the fuze fittings and the two metal conductors.

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Great info thanks. I'm picking my 416 and lipo etc up tomorrow and I have a 7.4v 1300 25c for it so without removing the fuse or other contacts I should expect about 14rps I would have thought.


309 fps is great. Is that stock tm? Hope mine is like that as I've to a tightbore ready for it which should bring it near to 320 which is great for now.

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So I've got an EMS question that maybe a couple of you can help me with.  Echigoya sent my 416D in two parts, lower receiver and upper receiver.  The lower receiver is a my local post office today and it will be in my hands this morning.  However, I've been tracking the upper and the EMS tracking system says it has been delivered (final delivery) in San Francisco with an area code 94128.  A quick google search of that area code brings up the San Francisco airport.  I contacted Echigoya and they said it's just a problem with EMS's tracking system and they double checked that they put the right mailing address on the package (I live in WA).  


None the less, I'm concerned in two ways.  1) Was it improperly delivered to someone in San Francisco?  2) Was it confiscated by customs?  


I'll probably call USPS today and see what they say on their end.  Has anyone experienced this before?  Any advice?  

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My dustcover won't close unless I push the little locking tab down with my nail. Odd as it worked well yesterday and today it just wouldn't close without help. Not that it's big issue just wondering if anyone else had this problem.

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What bb weight do you guys recommend for it?  Does any run .28s?  I used .28s with my G&P Sentry but I'm just wondering what is ideal for a TM. 

I have had success with .25s in my stock TMs. .28s are a bit too heavy IMHO.

Range suffers greatly with the TM stock velocities. (EDIT: with .28s lol, TM still has the best hopup units hands down)

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