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I've had this lovely rifle for about 3 years now and it's finally time to move on to something new. It is in fantastic external condition considering its age, save for some scratches around the sling mount. It hasn't been fielded in nearly a year, however, so the insides could use a bit of a tune up. It is in perfect working order, but I'm sure the spring has settled a bit and the motor and wiring could benefit from some troubleshooting. 


-VFC Mk.17

-extra 14.5" STD barrel extension

-7 (seven) VFC midcaps

-Madbull Black Python 363mm tighbore (installed)

-Madbull red shark bucking (installed)

-wired to Deans

I'm mostly testing the waters on this and I won't be too disappointed if I get to keep it, so my asking price is $350, but make me an offer if you think that's horribly unfair.

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Verified today that this does indeed still function and cycle fine. The motor probably needs to be replaced and I'm sure the spring has settled a bit. This now also includes a set of PTS SSG selector switches. Price is still $300 shipped, but now you have my guarantee that it at least functions. 

New(er) pictures:





Pictured accessories are not included.

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It's been very disappointing to wait for answers two days and then have you back off. If you are not willing to sell for the price you set yourself you could at least be prompt checking your ads and/or close them when appropriate.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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