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Lipo Battery Converters For Marui NextGen M4 EBB Series

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Hi All,

I have posted about these a few times (in my reviews about the Recce and the HK416D).


I created a quick video of the two adapters that I have found and will give just a very brief review of the two as they are pretty simple.


GunsmithBaton Deans Adapter


This was the first NextGen M4 adapter I discovered, and have used it for a while. It takes the end cap of a battery and adds the male connector for a deans battery. By attaching a 7.4v Lipo with a short deans connector it can fit easily into the stock of any rear wired M4 NextGen (Sopmod, CQB-R, Recce, HK416D). It is very easy to attach and swap the battery, and you can keep a spare in the opposite side if needed. The battery that the maker sells to go with this is a very small 7.4V 800mAh battery that measures 102mm x 20mm x 12mm. I think you could fit a slightly bigger one if you trimmed the connection cable on the battery (maybe when swapping from a Tamiya to a deans?)


The only problem I have had with this connector is that the small battery size (or perhaps the connector itself) wouldn't run an upgraded NextGen. When I installed a 125M spring into my RECCE I couldn't cycle the spring with this connector. If you are running smaller deans batteries with a stock M4 then this would be the one to get. It's very easy to install, swap batteries, and is the cheaper of the two. GunsmithBaton lists it at 2,190 yen (google that folks).


Trigger Talk Tamiya Adapter


A keen eyes user here at Arnies (Honzo) spotted this adapter and I was able to source two of them. I don't know if it is a new product or an old one, but Trigger Talk makes a number of adapters for Lipo and Marui products. I have one of their AEP adapters (I use it with my USP) as well as an MP7 adapter. Trigger Talk is actually a small shop that runs an indoor field. Baton is the gunsmith at the field and shares space with the Trigger Talk shop. This leads me to believe that this might be a version 1 of the Baton adapter, or maybe the other way around. Either way, these two retailers are very close, so I am not sure why they have launched competing products. What I do know is that the Trigger talk version is very hard to find.


This adapter has a small plug that connects to the battery connector point inside the M4 stock. The Lipo battery goes in the left side, and then the cables run back over the connector and down into the right hand side. I small plastic piece shaped like the Marui battery cap is then placed over the wires to prevent pinching and ensure a solid fit. This adapter takes a bit more getting used to, and isn't as easy to use (relatively speaking, it isn't rocket science). The benefit of this adapter is that it allows for a wider range of batteries. I was able to fit a 7.4V1300mAh battery that measures about 131mm×18mm×12mm. I was also thrilled to realize I could also fit my AEG Burst Wizard in the right hand side tube as well, allowing for burst functionality  :)


This adapter is more expensive at 2,780 yen. I am going to contact Trigger Talk this week and ask them what the story is with these things.


Bottom line, If you have a number of Tamiya stock sized Lipo already than this might be the way to go, especially if you want to run a burst wizard or similar product. This isn't the adapter for you if you want to make mid game battery swaps, and although the cost seems expensive for an adapter, it does release you from the horrible leash of the Marui batteries. 


Sadly it doesn't look like either of these guys will sell overseas, but I am happy to help if you want one.


Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy this quick little sample video :)



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Nice, I just went to Echigoya this afternoon and got a 416.  Then I went across the street to Gunsmith and got the Baton adapter.  Thanks for the heads up on the adapter.

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