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Section Created :)

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As requested I've created this section for all Arnies members to arrange and discuss attendance at public airsoft events.


Initially I've given Fireknife Moderator rights for this section, but I am happy to add anyone who is nominated / volunteered by the regulars in these threads.


Please remember that this is still part of the forum and make sure you all continue to abide by forum rules - e.g. keep content clean and suitable for 13 years and older. :)


Anyone found to be abusing moderator rights for the section will have them removed, so if you should request rights to be able to pin, organise and moderate discussion here, please ensure you use them responsibly. 


Thanks and have fun. :)



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Well this goes to anyone:


If you wish to have moderator priviliges and have the time to check that this section is being kept clean then put your name in and I will get Marlowe to look at making said people moderators, obviously we don't want everyone clammering over this and I would assume Marlowe doesn't want too many of us doing this. Either way, if you have the time and the judgement by all means put your name in and someone will see about it :P.



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