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These 'marked' M&Ps are gorgeous, and remove one of the key reasons for not buying one. Does anyone do a marked M&P Compact? Are UN Company and Tokyo Model's markings the same? Or is one better than the other?

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UNC are the white laser markings and TMC are the engraved ones. I think TMC doesn't sell theirs anymore though.

No traded M&P9C out in "mass production" that I know of.


Here are my WE M&P boxes, will take some high res sexhay pics soon of the actual pistols;


WE M&P black, box and sticker.

WE M&P black, box contents.

WE M&P black, spent casing envelope.

WE M&P FDE, case and sticker.

WE M&P FDE, box contents.

WE M&P FDE, spent casing envelopes.



Kind of makes up for the lack of trades I think :)

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A Smith & Wesson thread without me in it? Preposterous!


The kerambit is just a chinese knockoff however, and is my everyday carry. But since S&W knives are made in China anyway, I like to think this was spirited away from the production line.

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WE model, planning on getting the trades done and going tactical. Next job is to sort out the hop and full auto issues





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Posted this in the WE M&P review thread. Since this is a pic thread:


I took a little time to recontour and stipple my HK3P S&W trademarked M&P more like my real M&Ps. I decided to go with a blend between how Boresight Solutions and ATEiGuns do their frames. The one thing I've had trouble doing to my liking was cutting lines into the borders like how Boresight Solutions does his, so I omitted it (for now). The material WE used for the back straps are really gummy rubber and don't take stippling nearly as well as real back straps do.




Stipple texture close up:



Pic of the trigger undercut. Also, all seam lines have been removed (WE seams were pretty bad):


Texture comparison with my Boresight Solutions M&P frame:



Pic of my M&P Full Size family (top to bottom: HK3P, Boresight/ATEi, ATEi):



And for those who like the threaded barrel look:



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