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Quick tot up of everything I can think of and you're looking at roughly £660 for parts not including postage or cerakote. I've got a few more parts on the list for it namely some base plates, new recoil Spring as it could be a little snappier preferably and having a thread adaptor made.


Otherwise literally everything is upgraded.. Even the screws are steel replacements.



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How do you like the nova kit for the compact? I've been tossing around the idea for a bit. Is the finish decent?


I really like it, the finish is flawless and the engraving is really nicely done but I had some problems with it, the front site was a pain to install so I had to remove a lot of metal from it and the outer barrel didn’t lock back so I had to put some electrical tape between the hop unit and the chamber, after that it have worked with no problems, got some pics of it here:





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That's a little surprising it wasn't a drop in fit. All the Nova M&Ps I've encountered were drop in, a little loose in fact. Then again they were for the TM M&Ps which are still running like champs whereas all my HK3P M&Ps are DOA.


I kinda wish TM would do a 9C and a Shield along with a 9L. T_T

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