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What the ... They make 5" slide kits now??? For which system?


As much as I like the M&P gun (I have 7-8 real ones including two Costa versions) I really wish more Airsoft manufacturers would make the non-blinged out style ATEi slides like my primary M&P which has serrations along the entire top and front side serrations, and no slide cut outs.

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nice collection of m&p's squad

Thanks Whiteknight ;)


I'll get a chance next weekend to compare the 3 available M&Ps, WE, VFC and Marui.

There's no reason the internals on the Marui shouldn't be the best, so I'm looking forward to comparing them.


The Marui/Nova slides will be slightly larger than the WE version, as it has metal inserts to support the BBU, the difference is quite minuscule though, the safety on the Marui is a permanent feature so won't be coming out too easy unless you do a hammer mechanism strip and get a replacement frame to cover the space the removal leaves.


As far as I know there are a couple of Steel M&P slides available for the WE with scalloped serrations made by HK3P, they lack the white trades on the side though.



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Smith & Wesson M&P9 ATEi/Chris Costa Edition





-Nova S&W M&P.40 Costa Style "5 Inch" Slide Set
-Ace 1 Arms SAI Style M&P Trigger set
-Ace 1 Arms Steel Take-down Lever
-Ready Fighter Magazine Pad Extension
-Nebula Original Frame - Full Marking
-A Plus Studio "REAPS" HopUp Rubber
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Wasn't quite sure as ACM made these and also a company called Well, but you don't see too many around.

I had a quick look around yesterday, but couldn't find much. Does anyone still make these?

They are one of my favourite guns, but one I've never owned yet.

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Some of the HK shops still have some of the KSC/KWA models in stock, I think the one posted by jes is available at UNCompany. Once there was a kwa version with a metal slide but have not seen one in ages. I think there is a review of one on the old part of the forum.

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Well friggen finally. Just got this delivered from Customs. Been with them since March...


HK3P Smith & Wesson M&P trademarked tan frame

Ace1Arms SAI flat faced trigger






By the way. Anyone know what's up with the Ace1Arms taclical outer barrel for the WE M&P?

It doesn't look like it's sold separately anymore ?


I wanna get a one piece threaded barrel and not the one I have now with the adapter... :(


EDIT: Just realized this is the picture thread. Also figured they might be doing batches of the Glock SAI stuff right now so the M&P is not produced right now. Might be why.

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