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Just a quick update & impression so far. I just got home with enough time to open the package, inspect the contents, and shoot a magazine full in semi only. I have to go back out and get my 4 year old a haircut and lunch so I'll do more when I get some time later today/early this evening.


  • Other than the slide stop, slide stop spring, recoil rod spring, and recoil rod spring retainer, there are no steel parts. I am sure the pins are steel but I did not check them out yet.
  • The pistol is very well built, too bad I did not pick up the Stark/VFC G19 when I had a chance. I would have loved to compare the 2.
  • Fired a full magazine but after the last round, magazine lock failed to move up and lock back the slide. Looks like on mine, the slide stop sticks somewhat. Will have to look at it more to see what is up with that. Seems on mine, there is some side to side play that makes the issue rear its ugly head. If I move it sideways a bit, the slide stop engages and is quite smooth.
  • Polymer frame is top notch, the slide is very well made. Engravings are almost too good to be true. In a nutshell, I love them! There is play between the lower and slide but it is no longer there when I insert the magazine. This is the same on my RS S&W Sigma 9mm so I would consider it "normal".
  • Box contents include the extra back straps, a very well laid out manual, night sight inserts, front & rear, and a serial # plate. The plate has not adhesive backing. Will have to figure out how to fasten mine. Siper Glue is too messy and 2 sided tape may not be strong enough.
  • Lastly, the loading nozzle sticks a bit to the HU. I am assuming its being grabbed a bit by the bucking. This may be normal with some pistols but on my M&P, it a little bit more. Will look into that a little bit more also.


Although I prefer medium to full size pistols, picking up a compact is a hit and miss for me. I have fairly large hands; however, this pistol fits perfect. I would not hesitate to pick one up in RS and may do so for concealed carry. I put the largest back strap on mine and its perfect. I would love to maybe have a longer magazine insert but the extended magazine is good enough for now.


More thought later, stay tuned.

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@ RM, the recoil rod is indeed silver. I'll look more into it when I get home. Also the faux ejector is that rainbow patterned pot metal but of course, that really isn't an indication of poor quality metal.


@ Clover, yeah my package cleared in less than 15 minutes. Mad props to EHA, thier service in getting my pistol packages through USCBP inspection and delivery to me is top notch. They also charge $10 to $15 less to ship vs. another great retailer for me which is AS Global. This level of service is why I shop any properly trademarked replica from EHA.

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I must say guys, this is M&Pc is a very nice & robust pistol. Recoil is amazing for such a pocket pistol. Unfortunately, I am horrible with taking pictures so I will have to apologize that I will need to be as detailed as possible with my explanation.


So a little bit more of what I have come across so far:


  • Magazine has a rough texture coating to it. It seems to be durable although the high portions of the mag (that rub against the inside of the mag-well) is shinning a bit.
  • Night sights are just that, no glow in the dark paint. You assemble the 2 pieces and insert it into holes built into the front & rear sights. Held in place via friction, my concern is it may disappear after a few rounds through the magazine especially in full auto.
  • Serial # plate is also friction held, instructions show to put adhesive (2 sided tape) on the back side and press into place. Looks like it will hold no matter what. I guess we shall see.
  • Ambidextrous magazine catch, manual shows how to do it. Basically, dis-assembly & re-assembly is just like a 4th generation GLOCK.
  • When putting the slide back on, mine seems very finicky. I have to position the recoil rod just right (by manipulating it via the front tip of the recoil rod) before the take-down lever will spring back up to lock. For me, its really no big deal.
  • Lastly, found the cause of the issue in which the magazine does not properly actuate the slide lock lever when the pistol is out of ammo; it looks like the tab that engages the magazine BB follower is barely touching. What I did to mine is using a pair of needle nose pliers, I carefully bent the tab outward so as it will properly catch the tab on the BB follower. Although that part is steel, I would still be very careful as to not go too far (it will hit the side of the magazine follower) or worse, break it off.

Now on with some basic pics.





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uscm mentioned earlier about the trigger had trouble resetting properly on the sample he tried at SHOT. Any issue with yours?


Yeah I saw that too so that was the first thing I checked, No issues; the one at SHOT probably broke because everyone was fondling it. :rofl:



rvl, I can't remember but do you have a WE M&P or not ? I assume not since I guess you would have mentioned that by now.


No I do not; no proper trades, :yu: no pistola for me.


But I'd love to get my hands on a WE compact just to compare the 2. :headbutt:

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Compared the internals of the Glock 19 and M&P side by side and this is what I found:



The BBU and trigger-mech's both seem to be exactly the same.  When/if I get a bit more gutsy I'll try swapping them between slides.  Just going off the parts diagrams for both and seeing them side by side, I would be very surprised if they *weren't* interchangeable.  If what Racing Maniac said on another thread is true about TMC swapping the G19 full-auto internals into a Stark/VFC Glock 17 (which I'd assume was semi-auto only to begin with), this could bode very well for those who are just die-hard fans of this thing being completely semi auto only in functionality.  


Once again VFC did not skimp on the externals:



As you can see the M&P slide finish has some shine to it in comparison to the matte finish on the Glocks.  It has been a while since I've handled an actual M&P, but will report back with how close they came the next time I make a trip to the local gun shop.


Apart from an initial scare about it not fitting my hand properly, I'm quite pleased so far with this little gun.  Will have to do some actual shooting though before I make a final judgement.  

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Did you have the same slide locking issue "rvlussp" had "-Cover-"?


Imo, Some of you guys expect a bit to much out of airsoft guns. Not many airsoft guns are going to have the EXACT trigger pull of the real one. (Without mods and upgrades). But I understand why youd want it that way being a real M&P9 shooter myself.


Also, seems I'm not the only one waiting for the full size. Haha.

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I did not, thankfully.  No modifications required on my end, slide locked perfectly out of the box.  


Also in reference to your comment about the trigger pull, I think they were more worried about it's functionality more so than the feel/weight of the pull (" the trigger had trouble resetting properly on the sample").  I definitely get where you're coming from though.  On that note, however, the trigger pull on this isn't anything amazing, but it's got a nice clean break at least.  


@rvlssup: What number is on your serial-# plate?  I've got STA0060 (may have an extra zero on the left side)

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