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so then, i came across this website the other day, www.craftysairsoft.webs.com and was intrigued so there was only one thing to do..................... buy something! so i ordered one of their bb bags just to test the waters because the fact that they were a new bussiness and prices that were really good. From what i can tell this site has only been open not even for a month yet so I am going to be keeping my eyes peeled for new items that get added. From looking at the website I can gather that its ran  by a couple  who are a experienced family of airsofters based in burton upon trent  who want to give something back to the airsoft community by giving us good site with good prices and really nice friendly people, and judging by some of the testimonials it all looks to be really good.

Anyway after I ordered the bb bag I didn’t know what I was expecting in terms of quality and shipping speed .But I was surprised when it showed up at my door within the week !! And the quality of the product was superb , much better than the one I purchased from a eBay and lwa.

All in all I was extremely pleased with the service I received from craftys airsoft and a big thank you to them ! i will DEFINITELY be shopping there again.



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