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I like it enough... now really contemplating G17 Premium.. not too sure if I like the short grip of the 19...


As far as quality goes, I'd say it's okay. But then again, I didn't have ridiculous expectations like I did with the Ino 1911. AND it wasn't priced ridiculous like the ino, so my disappointment didn't amount to anything on the G19.


I don't own a real G19, so obviously I can't compare. But it's just ever so slightly heavier. I was expecting it to feel like a real gun, but hey, if that happened then the gun won't cycle at all! I think it'll run okay on green gas, just not as snappy as CO2.


Hence, I'm contemplating on G17 Premium... my match is good enough I think, since it'll run ideal on GG.

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I don't own a real G19, so obviously I can't compare. But it's just ever so slightly heavier. I was expecting it to feel like a real gun, but hey, if that happened then the gun won't cycle at all!

The SA Premium G19 weighs 831g, so It's not too far off the real steel fully loaded weight of 850g.


Having fired both steel-slide and CNC'd version of the Glock 17 with CO2,

the CNC Glock 17 which comes complete with steel barrel is more favourable for skirmishing using CO2.

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For Norsk,


Here are the SA Glock CO2 details :




The plastic tab at the bottom of the spring is what releases the bumper, and also the spring unfortunately,

otherwise it can be quite fiddly as the cap underneath the bumper can get wedged between the bumper and magazine if you loosen too much,

which is the recommended way as shown in the instructions on top.





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I've been mostly paying attention to this thread so forgive me if it's already been posted but did anyone catch this lol?






is this factory stock? I dont know anyone who would make SAI style slides and not correct trademarks on them if it was aftermarket...

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Okay got my Co2 mags from BOManufacture and they work great with the stock gun :) the recoil kicks hard, almost littlebit scary. And the BB's is exploding out of the barrel, idk FPS but it is good for a pistol

That's good to hear ;)


Bear in mind when the weather gets hot the slide might start locking back and fail to return to battery with the stock springs, as they are quite weak for the force of CO2.


I think it's only a matter of swapping the springs out for a TM stock 1911 spring, maybe cut shorter to size required.

NonEx may answer this as I'm sure he tried changing springs on his.



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Hey fellas. Ran into a small problem when shooting my SA G19. I had fired maybe 5-10 magazines total within around 30 minutes, and all of a sudden the gun jammed. The slide got stuck coming forward, about 1-2 cm from its "starting position". I tried helping the slide back forward, but eventually I had to take the slide apart, apply a ton of silicone spray and put it back together. It works now, but the slide doesnt go all the way forward. I think I saw someone post something about this earlier, but they had the problem from the start. 


Feeds ok with a full load of gas, but nearing the end it wont feed properly. Might be cause the nozzle is really far forward when shooting. Third pic has the little plastic bit around 1mm from where it used to be, can only get it to go all the way with a lot of force, but then it just goes back like it is.


Heres a few pictures, maybe someone can tell me whats going on and if its normal; if not, possible fixes.






(Sorry for the link, dropbox doesnt want to work with forums always)

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PayPal dispute won't get you anywhere if its stuck in customs, that is no fault of the sender whatsoever.


I ordered one a week or so ago and mine has just got to the customs charging part, so I should have mine by the end of next week I hope.....fingers crossed.

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