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This won't be a super comprehensive review, but I wanted to post my initial impressions of the newest Glock 19 to the airsoft market.   Unboxing: The gun comes in a plain jane brown box with some fo

NOTE: This is in reference to the pics of RS Glock 23 on previous page.   Finally got some daylight here, but I am starting to think my iPhone camera is broken or something because all the shots cam

Thanks.   I had to re-do the pics, I don't know what I was on but the above look like ######. Edit time had ran out so.... Maybe just a subtle change to you, but here are the shots again with less a

Posted Images

To be honest I doubt the package would reach KIC, customs probably "lost" it on the way.

I had the feeling all along that their inofficial agenda is that these types of items shouldn't be let free at all, no matter what.


I have emailed KIC about it but if they don't have it I am dropping this. Time to let go and move on :P

I got stung but came out alive, hehe. I know that might sound odd but whatchya gonna do, importing GBB airsofts has been a risky business here in Sweden but that will change on January 2nd 2015 :D


Yeah, I got a notification on my HK3 tan M&P frame and trigger pack, that the case was dropped and it would be delivered, which it was (2 months ago). But no notice at all on the Glock.


I asked for a tracking number for the return package of the Glock but they just sent me the dates for when it was decided to be shipped back and when it was sent out.


I won't waste any more of my time on this. Although I probably should since of all things the CO2 Glock was techically a legal item to import... But whuteverz... I have a feeling if I push this any furhter it's going to go up in court and be investigated etc. cops raiding my house and all that fun stuff :D


Also sorry for OT, I am always the one getting mad at people going off topic :P


All in all I lost 3600 SEK on this, or $470 USD. Mweh.


All things considered I still feel like I came out on top. Getting the law changed (not directly related though), surviving an interrogation, avoiding further legal actions and getting my tan HK M&P frame delivered.

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Last OT post on this. Checked in with KIC and they had not had any steel Glock 19s returned, it would stand out :P

And it was sent in October, so yeah. And since they (Customs) didn't give me a tracking number for the return package even though I specifically asked for it, this pistol is gone with the wind :P


Swedish byrocracy is not as clean as one might think, it's just a lot more subtle when they want to manipulate things ;)

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That looks like a replacement magazine follower that won't lock back the slide on empty. TM started including them with their pistols a while back, means you can dry fire without holding down the slide catch.

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I bought a regular GEn.3 + CO2 mag. The recoil is just what I expected. Not too crazy (compared to a KJW CO2 1911 which kicks like a mule) but decent with crisp blowback and many many shots even in the cold.


Can you compare the FPS output between CO2 and Green Gas?


Also - do you feel that the original recoil spring can handle CO2 or would you advise a stronger spring?

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I have only shot about 2 mag fulls worth, but: FPS is about 10m/s or 30FPS higher, which is just perfect. Recoil is fast and snappy, I will most likely try a 150% recoil spring in the future, but at the moment I would say it doesn´t need it. 

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After a long battle, my Stark G19 came back from service and is finally working. The service guys had a second Stark from which they transplanted piece by piece until it started working. Turned out that the piston was badly manufactured and caused all the problems. A new one was ordered from WGCShop and installed and now my Glock is working as it should.


On a sidenote - i was able to fit (with a bit of filing) an APS ACP601 outer barrel into my G19. I now have a threaded barrel and can attach a silencer!



I was also able to fit a Marui G17 barrel into it. I think it's safe to assume any Marui spec outer barrel will work.


However, it seems that the outer barrels from Stark G17/G18 are quite off from the Marui spec, and it seems that i wouldn't be able to make them fit. 







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The best way is to sand down all the texturers first with a dremel and then with sandpaper. Draw the lines with a pencil and then stipple an uneven pattern, not straight lines.


I rather have a round stippling tool than a square one like the UAC stippling tool.


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