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Alright. I can agree to some extent but I still feel it is the best looking and feeling Glock I have handeld so far, including stock TM Glock 17, Guarder upgraded TM Glock 17, KSC Glock 19, WE Glock 17 and KJW Glock 26.

(judging by my Stark Glock 17 as I have yet to recieve my Glock 19)

In terms of authenticity etc.

Oh well. Everyone wants something different I supose!

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This won't be a super comprehensive review, but I wanted to post my initial impressions of the newest Glock 19 to the airsoft market.   Unboxing: The gun comes in a plain jane brown box with some fo

NOTE: This is in reference to the pics of RS Glock 23 on previous page.   Finally got some daylight here, but I am starting to think my iPhone camera is broken or something because all the shots cam

Thanks.   I had to re-do the pics, I don't know what I was on but the above look like ######. Edit time had ran out so.... Maybe just a subtle change to you, but here are the shots again with less a

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Yea I defo think the stark looks the most realistic with its colour tones and trade marks but I think as far as build quality goes there are better airsoft Glocks available. I think you know which one I would go for. A big thing for me on any pistol is how well the finish hold ups and for me the starks finish doesnt hold up well at all. You could if you wanted write your name on the side of a stark glock frame with your fingure nail with very little pressure as the polymer/plastic used is soft and cheap and the paint on the slide starts to scratch easy anuff as well.

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Oh wow.... my oooh my. YAY!


That is my initial reaction to my Stark Glock 19...


Aaah... it is soooo nice looking and feeling. I can't even put it into words.


I wish there was a CNC version with steel barrel though likc the Glock 17 because that would have made this "perfect"...


Love the frame, looks really good and feels great, kind of like light grip tape all over, not just the textured surface (which does feel like grip tape). It almost kind of sticks in your hand in a pleasant way.


I am still orgasming here... I almost want to buy another one right away just because I love it so much! :D


Got RS sights and baseplates coming in for it, as well as 2 spare magazines. Yay-o!


Also, got a Project RS Case done for it, how could I not.


Awesomeness ! :D


It does however have the faint hairline "seams" at the back half of the slide as mentioned, but it's only visible under very specific lighting conditions so.


I don't know what else to say. It blew my mind. The Glock 19 is twice as awesome as the Glock 17 (except for CNC slide and barrel). And I also got a G18C which is terrible, looks like the slide was glued together there are so many horrible seam lines.


Glossiness of the stamped info on the frame looks spot on. Color of slide and frame are awesome. Magazine space between frame and magazine baseplate is cool, just like real one.


I could go on and on and on.... LOVE IT! :D

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NonEx...does yours have any up & down play between the frame & slide up front?


Recoil spring is weak causing that issue that was being discussed heavily about the VFC G17. (slide not going all the way forward)

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Sorry Nonex, I didnt like the finish thought it looked a little untidy, with little scratch marks a seem lines everywere, the markings on the sights were as bad as the stark g18 I had and scratch off with ease. Also I didnt like the slide action, it feels slugish, I changed the recoile rod and spring, filed the railes on the slide which had a lot of mold imperfections and things seemed to improve some what but still not as nice as it should be (no were near as slick as a Marui Glock). The price is good but I think I would spend my money on a WE g19 Gen 4 instead.


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I have seen it not go fully into battery sometimes so there is a slight missmatch up front but it can be pushed forward into place with ease though.


My recoil spring and slide action feels nice and smooth.


Hmmm... I can't believe you guys don't like this one ?

Miles better than the WE's :o

Oh well... More for me!

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kwa g19 for me is still king of the airsoft glocks. The stark glocks can use Marui recoil rods and springs, so a guarder 150% spring and guide rod will make a huge difference with the slide action and will probably get rid of the problem of the slide not returning to battery.

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Sorry for spamming but, I am still just in awe of how awesome this pistol is. I do not understand why you don't like it... :o

It almost makes me want to cry it's so beautiful...


Maybe it's cause I got the RS parts and a Project RS Case for it that just pushes it over the top.


But honestly, from pictures and videos of a real Glock 19 this is incredibly close...


Also, previously the HK3 Glock 17 frame was my favorite, but this beats it. It is so nice. I love how they got the embossed parts glossy to look like the real one. Real dual pin design... aaah! :)


Me gusta!


There's no TM Glock 19 guide rods though ? Or do the KJW ones work ? :o

Might have to get me one of those. Not hating the original one, but the dual spring design is kinda mweh.

Howeer, the stock rod is plastic as per the RS Glocks....


Perhaps these will win you guys over;


"See pictures in post below"


Full album here; https://picasaweb.google.com/117328876138007382074/Stark_VFC_Glock_19#


Shot with Nikon D600 DSRL + Nikon 50mm 1.8G AF-S, natural light from window. Exposure calibrated, white balance calibrated, white balance corrected, color corrected.


EDIT: Hmmm... Somehow my photos came out making the pistol look worse than it does in real life... Too black and contrasty and not enough gloss. Maybe I pushed some of the settings in PS too hard or it's the JPEG compression that is messing with me. :(


EDIT2: OK, might have been a bit too harsh angle against the light making it look "off". Here is an alternate angle shot that makes it more justice;

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edited pictures at topic creator's request
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I had to re-do the pics, I don't know what I was on but the above look like ######. Edit time had ran out so.... Maybe just a subtle change to you, but here are the shots again with less aggressive settings;




































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Any success from the US on getting one of these?


Really want to pull the trigger on one but every site except KIC seems to be sold out.. Considering negotiating with them to sell to me.


NonEx, love the realism on your RS project, I remember looking at your HK3P Glock 17 video and thinking the same.

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Thief Lord, thanks for the comment, appreciate it! :D


Just dry-fired this tonight and I have to say the report, power and blowback are a bit on the "mweh" side to be honest. Would prefer some more power and umphf from it. But other than that it was really nice :D

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So, which shoots better out of the box, WE or Stark Arms?


Oh wait. I responded incorrectly to that post. I thought you asked "which looks better".


Shooting wise I cannot comment. Sorry for the confusion.


Charlie 6, not sure which post I made in here that counts as a review, but thanks :P

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