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Saw this vid a few days ago. Thanks for doing it. The info on the eye relief was definitely appreciated. Wondering about wobble between the mount and the scope tube. I have two Chinese SpectreDR replicas (AABB 1-4x, waridiot.com fixed 4x), and both suffer from wobble between the scope tube and the rail mount platform. Wonfering if this version is more solid than those.


Thanks, again!

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Good review, thanks for that.

The ending... eh... did you have too? I'm taking you less serious now :(


That last sentence...eh..did you have to?


Guys done a decent vid, I really don't see what bearing his theological convictions has on the validity of the product appraisal.

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Right. Just pointing out that we need to keep airsoft a neutral sport, and don't get it mixed up with either religious, nor politic beliefs.

So yes, that last sentence, I did have too. Too warn him to keep it neutral. He can do what he wants on his own channel. But he needs to think about it before posting it on a semi-public forum.


But then again. I'm only one voice. And who cares about being correct, these days?

It's not like public opinion just LOVES to use these arguments to bad our sport, right? Caution is not needed at any point!



I have no more to say about this.

He did a fine job on the review, though.

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Thank you guys for all the comments. It helps me become better at doing these videos and a better airsofter.


@ Milspec Mikey, there is some wobble between the base and tube. You don't notice it while running around, but if you try to twist the base and tube apart there is some play.


@DrAlexanderTobacco, Thanks for correcting me. I will fix that.


To everyone else, thanks for taking the time to giving my vid a watch and commenting. I have been an airsofter since 2000 and a member of Arnies since 2005. Through the years Arnies has been a wonderful portal to the Airsoft community on an international level. I have benefited tremendously through the wealth of information given by all the users here. My desire was and is to simply add my 2 cents to that wealth. I knew when I posted this vid that some would disagree with my statements and that I might lose some support. I was simply conveying my inspiration for even do a channel like this in the first place, that DIY attitude that numerous users on this forum have demonstrated. I enjoyed doing these reviews knowing that some of this information was not so easy to find or non existent, knowing that the community at Arnies would put it to good use.


Cheers and God bless.


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