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S&T TAR21 Professional EBB (Tavor)

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After some delays from customs owing to my UKARA number expiring during transit my Tavor has finally arrived.


I thinks this might be the first review as I have found nothing elsewhere on the web and no videos save for the S&T promo one from before christmas.


Unfortunately I havent put any rounds through it so can't comment on range/accuracy/fps, just aesthetics, which seem to be on alot of peoples minds when discussing Tavor AEG's. I have been worried that it would be a poor plasticy representation as per previous S&T Tavor examples,  I cant comment on the Ares ones.


In the box I got the gun, mag and manual , thats it, no cleaning rod or any other parts. It is however very well packed.





First things first as you will see from the photos, the supplied mag I thought was small, especially compared to the Lonex flash mags also pictured. Minor issue? its a metal made mag.






Picking the gun out of the box I can happily say that it felt very solid. I was very fearfull of it being a creaky piece of . However it would appear that the main boy is of polymer construction as the listings said. It does have a seem running through the middle of the body but it is glued shut unlike the FS2000 



I think the finish is quite nice on the polymer, there are a few small glue marks on the underside of the body. It has been well moulded and details are sharp as you can see on the pistol grip.





The RIS rails, sights, barrel, flashider are metal, which I suspect is the difference between the Professional and explorer models, that and it having a polymer body as opposed to ABS plastic. There are no IMI  trade marks, but "Made in china" is stamped in small font at the rear of the body.




The charging handle opereates and exposes the faux ejection port and also the hop unit. The release button is the large one behind the magazine and I think also works as a spring release. I found that if the ejection port cover is half open when you have finished firing that if you cock the charging handle and release it, it closes fully.





This leads me to the blow back function. I also run a TM SOPMOD so compare it to that. It is very very loud. It does not seem to have a recoil function like the TM range but it is still a very crisp, and I will  say it again, very loud, blowback.




The battery compartment is easily accessible and comes fitted to a small tamiya connector. I used a 7.4 1200 stick lipo to see how it fired and this battery was just a dash to big. However the space for the battery is wide so there are plenty of squarer lipos that fit, probably with more capacity than a 1200. The listing states that the void will fit a mini Nimh battery. The cavity extends back towards the pistol grip. The front grip locks securely in and must be the easiest battery compartment to access I have encountered.


The butt pad at the rear of the gun can be removed by first pushing through a locking pin. The pad opens at a hinge at the lower rear exposing the motor and also access to the spring which can be quick changed.


In summary, very built in my opinion especially given the price. I think the addition of metal parts and a polymer body makes a huge difference and transforms it into a sturdy and realistic representation.


The rate of fire and trigger response is the only gripe I have at this pre-firing stage. Again I dont have the stats for this and it might just be because I am used to using AEG's with a very high rate of fire.


I had been waiting for this to arrive from order for nearly two months. Maybe my opinions on bullpups or the Tavor have changed since then but I think this is a real Marmite gun, especially for me a common M4 monkey. As such I am not sure I will keep it down to my preference alone as opposed to any physical issues with the gun.


Its still nearly half the price of the Ares Tavor at $230 and has the blowback function to boot, so even if you not sure whether you like a Tavor or not its certainly a cheaper option than what is already out there and possibly better in build quality than the Ares.


Specifications :
Length : 672 mm 
Inner Barrel Length : 415mm 
Shooting Mode : Safety, Semi-Auto & Full-Auto
Weight (Gram): 4650 (With Box)
Gearbox Type : Full Metal 8mm bushing gear box with Electronic blow back (EBB) system and Quick Spring change function.
Color : Black
Power Source : 8.4v (Mini type)
Magazine Capacity : 300 rounds
Materials : Polymer and metal
Bullet Type : 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) : 350 FPS
Manufacturer: S&T










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Sounds to me like they've cloned certain elements of the Ares design, like the bolt release and the quick change spring.  It would be interesting to know how much of a clone it is.  Asn an owner of two Ares Tavors, a source of spares would be a welcome prospect.


The trigger response is a little slow on the Ares one as well.  Does the S&T have a long trigger pull (like the Ares)? Or is the slow response due to dome other factor?

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nearly two months. If my UKARA number had still been valid it would have under two weeks easily. The delay was all in the UK

Yeah I can imagine, damn customs taking their time.


Let us know about its performance when youv skirmished it. I've seen a few people looking out for these, they seem to be an increasingly sought after weapon which makes it sound like a good platform so I would like to hear how it serves.

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Bit of a rash generalisation there half trigger.. I can only count for the exterior which I think for the cost is very good as it hasn't even seen the cold light of day. I am selling it but only because I'm not sure if I want a bullpup and since ordering it ages ago my circumstances have changed meaning I am hardly going to use it.


Would rathervsomeonevelse got to enjoy it.



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Bit of a rash generalisation there half trigger.. I can only count for the exterior which I think for the cost is very good as it hasn't even seen the cold light of day. I am selling it but only because I'm not sure if I want a bullpup and since ordering it ages ago my circumstances have changed meaning I am hardly going to use it.


Would rathervsomeonevelse got to enjoy it.



Aha true. And tbf I'm not a fan of bullups at all either.

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The S&T isn't bad for a project gun.  I have the explorer version.  Many of the issues with the ARES, the S&T has solved.


First thing they did was to get rid of the mechbox mounted hop unit, and added a spring to push the hop unit towards the mechbox.  They also free floated the outer barrel, rather than the ARES with a two piece mounting. 


However it is not without some work required.


Here is the amount of work required to have it working at DMR accuracy.


- Added a front barrel bushing onto the outer barrel to stabilise the inner barrel. (tolerance issue)

- New motor (the original motor was p00p, like the ARES)

- Element H-hop nub

- Madbull blue hop rubber

- Adjusted the trigger pull by setting the trigger rod further forward

- Lighten the trigger pull


Its using a 7.4v 1800mah on an m120 spring at 15 rps, shooting 420fps.


Overall the trigger is now light and responsive with a quick trigger response, with less travel than an AK/MP5K trigger.  Worthwhile as a DMR.  Downside is because the barrel is a light profile free float, accuracy on auto suffers. 


I also added around 500gs of counterweight to the front where the battery compartment would be, total weight now is around 2.9kgs so the gun feels more balanced. 


I have done similar mods to an ARES and because of the better materials used the total weight is at 3.9kgs which is way too heavy for a carbine.

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