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Hawaiianjuggernaunt's EOTech replica review

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This is a review of hawaiianjuggernaunts replica EOTech holosights found here...



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnXTlVHuvZM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnXTlVHuvZM" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

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This is a review of hawaiianjuggernaunts replica EOTech holosights found here... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207252-holographic-sights-60-freeshipped/   http://www.youtub

Out of nowhere, A WILD PM APPEARED.   LOL

I had a sample of 553s come in, but the QD mount arms were horrid. They didnt work on any Madbull RIS system, and had a slight cant on the rails that they did fit on.  Wildecard just told me it fits f

Amazing review, mate! Just a question, did you notice any parallax on these? I cant ask for a full parallax free sight at this price, but if it isnt too grave, I will give them a shot.


Thanks for the review, it should be in the first post of the sale thread and not anywhere in the second page, please, ask a mod to put it there because this review deserves a place of honour and will help a lot to the seller :)

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You sold a Vortex SPARC to use this?
I'm sold. May pick one up for my real steel too, as well as my KRISS and WOC.

Definitely looking forward to hearing about parallax testing, if you can.

Edit- HawaiianJuggernaut, you don't happen to be talking to the OEMs of these, would you? I would literally give you a kidney for a replica SRS that had the quality of these.

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@Isamu  Ghosting and parallax are both nearly nonexistent. As for the parallax, unless your target is within 5ft or less youre fine :)

Heres a video i posted earlier today.  



@Preacher. Yes I am. I dont believe they have any SRS replica sights. They have ACOGS, normal scopes, normal reflex red dots, standard tube red dots, cantilever mount red dots and obviously the EoTech clones, I could drop them a line to see if they could R&D one. No definite guarantee on anything, but i can ask :)

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Thanks mate! at this rate im going to sell one of my XPS replicas and get one of those 552s :lol:


Preacher: If I recall correctly, ebaybanned announced a replica of the srs, no price or date though, but if hawaianjuggernout can get a hold of it and complies with his quality levels, I would buy it from him If I were you... ebaybanned is just a horrible shop... :(

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@Isamu lol. Does everyone miss the "Call me Josh" in my sig?? :P Just kidding :)


As I said on the sale forum, I am gonna be getting XPS 557 and 553s eotechs sometime soon, 551/2s won't be the only type :D .


I can keep you posted on the SRS, but R&D takes time. And I have no idea how long it may take if they will even pick the idea up at all.

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Anyone know how the quality of these sights compares to the new replica EXPS? I like the look of the EXPS better and for once the clones have the correct FDE finish, but function is still more important to me. I'm trying to decide between the two. This would be my third eotech replica and so far I haven't been altogether satisfied with either of the ones I've had. I currently have a 551 that is alright, ghosting isn't too bad, has real trades, but sometimes doesn't want to turn on, isn't very bright, and seems like it may have parasitic battery drain. 


edit: this is the EXPS I am refering to


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I believe I have owned holosights by the same OEM, Guangdong Aim Electronics.

They sell good quality clones, I used to sell them locally here before joining the forums. 


They are recognized by their double and triple mil-dot drop reticles.

Their 551 and 552 hold zero on most GBBRs and even tested on a .22


My main gripe is that they are pretty dim during the day. Really hard to see unless you are doing indoor CQB. 

I really liked their lineup (XPS, XPS2 and even the zombie stoppers) But, they were not the brightest.

They may have upped their game in the last few months as for brightness, but last I checked I wasnt the most impressed. 


I could be wrong about OEM, but it looks reallllly similar to that OEM's lineup.

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I have two of those XPS and... as hawaian stated, they are VERY dim in sunlight, so much you wont see the reticle almost at all. Maybe it is due to spanish stupidly bright sun, but, thats my experience. In order to make them usable I had to buy a mesh protector and mod a dark lens from an old protection glasses to fit into the mesh protector... even that way they have some ghosting in higher settings when used indoors


TBH, im trying to sell one of them and test one of these replicas after the good feedback.


Judged by the video, i deduce that these will be slightly better in sunlight as the front lens seems to be smoked color or somehow coated, like a cheap T1 I got some time ago

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Link in the OP is broke.


I think it leads to the classifieds section, which neither you or I can access at the minute as we've not made enough posts in the correct sections of the forum to be deemed here for legitimate reasons.


And on topic, I might have to grab one of these off you at some point, looking to eventually replace my cracked G&P552 (I bought it at a great price mind).

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Got my 551 yesterday.


All I can say is "Squeeeee:D"


The external quality is very good, better than the ones I have local access to. Trades add that little swag factor and the reticle is crisp, moves with all the adjustments you could want to make - pretty much as the review vid up thread. Only non issue, as mentioned in the vid, is if you aim directly at a strong light source then the reticle becomes invisible...but then so will the rest of the world as your retinas burn out if you keep it up :P


Just need to get everything everything zero'd in now.

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Received mine just today too. Very nice sight, well made, no mirrory back glass, nice reticle and slight ghosting only in the strongest setting (which you won't notice much against the really bright reticle anyway).


Very good purchase for the price, and without the doubts you can have when you buy others to see "how good they are".

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Well, my TM SCAR-L broke an ACM EoTech at a game on saturday (after about 300 shots.. rubbish) and seeing as one of my SOCOMs broke a G&P Aimpoint I'll be relegating all the cheap replicas to bog-standard AEGs (which I rarely use).  Since I'm using EBBRs all the time and hopefully GBBRs mostly in the future now that I own one which works I think it's time to check one of these things out.


Josh you have a PM.

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