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Project Landed Gentry (Jeeves! Fetch my tweed jacket!)


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Bankz: I'll be using mild steel for the barrels, and the receiver, and the triggers, and as much as possible. That way 1: its steel, and steel is awesome, and 2: i can play about with bluing it and making it look super awesome.


With regards to the 'issue' with shotshells and moscarts, they're for sale in the UK by more than one place so until they're removed from sale i'm not too worried.


Waiting for the test barrel to arrive and then i shall start a proper on the build.


Also, as the test barrel is just a short one (250mm for cheap prototyping) then theres no reason why i couldnt buy another one and make a sawn-off (or, as Stunt pointed out, they're more usually called 'Howdah' guns :D )


Also less talk of quasi-ilegal things and more suggestions!

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Might be worth checking out any local gunsmiths for old woodwork,  you might find a budget beech wood stock set,  granted it would need work to fit what your doing,  but it might be a place to go.



Some places have racks of old singles and doubles they will never sell,  you can find basic shotties for around £30,  the RFD might destroy the action legally and sell you the woodwork,  or just have a box of odd and old stock parts kicking about anyway,  handy for the fittings and snap lock on parts of fore stocks as well.

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Test prototype barrel has arrived today, quick test fit and the shells slot in nicely, and the rim around the shell catches it and doesnt let it slide down the barrel.


Hopefully this weekend i'll get a chance to build a test grip and trigger system. I'll be sure to update with pics etc as and when i can.

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Firstly apolagies for the lack of updates,

Sadly I've been rather busy making coat stands and table to keep Mrs Tinkerton happy.


Also while making the grip for the single barrel prototype, i slipped with the chisel and stabbed myself rather nicely, so I've been waiting for that to heal before I can do anymore, and also I need a new peice of wood to use as the one I was using has split rather irritatingly.


I also need to buy some flat steel to make the triggers and barrel lug from, but can't find anything really suitable or in budget.



However, I have found copious amounts of pipe that's perfectly sized for 40mm shells... Sadly its aluminium and not steel, so I'm unsure how best to fix it to things..


Hopefully I'll have the required parts before the end of the month and a short video of a few test fires.

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Right, I realise I've been totally with this. I've not done anything since stabbing myself with the chisel, and the deadline is fast approaching.


As such, i'm going to take the existing short barrel I've got, half it and the first project will be a howdah gun.


Hopefully I'll get the barrels chopped and welded this weekend (if i ask my welder friend very nicely) and then I can get cracking on the triggers, release mech and grip.


I'm sad to have to abandon the full length, but it's just postponed, not cancelled. Who knows, maybe next year I'll have the time and money for a full length?

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