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Special Ops Airsoft (Game site, Milton Keynes)

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Review of game site “Special Ops Airsoft” in Milton Keynes.



TL;DR version “Small, Fast paced, very up close and personal gunplay, but you have to use their bio BBs. Worth at least one visit.”


I was very much surprised when I first heard of an airsoft site opening inside Milton Keynes, there aren’t many airsoft sites in major cities and towns, most of them reside ‘near’ a town or in some wooded area tucked out of public view. This site, however, is very much inside town limits and is on land used for laser tag, orienteering and youth outdoor activities.

I admit I was put off at first, as were my fellow airsofters of the area, by the advert. It read “Forget the PS3 & Xbox and come and try Airsoft” Assuming it was focussed towards the under 18 croud and would not be suitable for us “proper” airsofters.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt I went along for a session, and I am glad I did!


The site runs two, three hour sessions in a day, and speaking with the site organiser “Mack” he intends to hold airsoft games once every two weeks in addition to laser tag once a month.

Prices are subject to change but the last time I spoke to Mack on the subject they were:

£25 for one session or £45 for all day renting kit

£18 for one session or £30 with your own kit.

This price includes 2000BBs per session. As the site is on Parks Trust land you HAVE to use site supplied ammunition, as it is biodegradable to their standards.

2000BBs is more than enough for 3 hours play I found, even with generous use of full auto I only used half of my allotted ammunition and took the rest home to test. More on ammunition later.


Site facilities

The carpark is large enough for the numbers that the site can hold (It’s a small site) and road access is brilliant as it’s in the middle of a town.

Mack has access to lockable rooms in the youth centre, not that it matters to those with car boots, but my motorbike hasn’t got a boot!

There is also the intention of having hot water for tea available in the briefing tent.


The gaming area.

The site currently consists of two small very dense wooded areas connected by a small field with sparse cover. The wooded area nearest the carpark is reasonably open, with good space for squad level engagements. The wooded area at the far end of the site is extremely dense, almost overgrown, with contact ranges as close as three or four yards and the frequent opportunity for knife kills if you aren’t keeping your ears open.

The central area has more potential than current playability, the site has taken delivery of a lot of supplies to build cover in this area with the intention of generating “Fire and move gameplay” Given the hideous weather recently, and the difficulty moving around on site they haven’t had the chance to build anything substantial thus far. Only time will tell.



This is based on my experience from only one 3 hour session, the weather was dire, very wet and muddy and only 8 people turned up because of it. Weather will never stop me from attending an airsoft game!

The games we played tended to revolve around both teams having unlimited regen and getting stuck into a fight in each area. Usually with a simple objective like; Find the orange bottle and bring it back to your start point, or get into the enemy’s start point and retrieve the bomb prop. These games worked well for the numbers, and fun was had all round.

The combat is usually very close, very fast, and rather aggressive. Very much the same as a CQB site, except its outside! This is not a place for tactical millsimmery, this is for knuckle to the road gunfighting. Something I’ve always been fond of. The expression “semi only” is unheard of, but when you do get too close, you call “knife kill” and it is a kill, with no option to refuse.


Supplied ammunition

As the site is on Parks Trust land, they have to ensure that there is no permanent littler, so they supply your ammunition for the day in the form of 2000 biodegradable BBs per 3 hour session. 2000 rounds is plenty for 3 hours play at this site, I only used half the ammunition I was given in my machine pistol.

As with all Bio BBs there is the question of quality, and I have to say these are rather good. I’ve tested them in every gun and magazine I own and have only had miss feeds using my King Arms Vietnam M16 midcap magazines, They have fed perfectly in every highcap, lowcap and GBB magazine and have fed through tightbores without jamming.



All in all it’s a small fun faced paced site that offers a very different style of play from your usual woodland site. It has much the feel of a CQB site, only with trees :D.

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So £30 for a walkon all day with 4000 rounds of 0.2 but not including lunch?


No mention of minimum age ( to bring my son) but I will drop them a message and check.


Pretty close to me, but worried it will fill up with rentals pretty quickly.


Better than Finmere?



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