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New to Arnies

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Hey guys,


Just wanted to make my intro here as well.  I'm new to the forums but not new to the sport.  I'm from Michigan USA just outside of Detroit.  I run with a group called The Hellfish (I believe a few are members here as well).


My screen name (M.S.-ARC) is easy enough to explain. M.S. = my initials. ARC = I am an Architect in training in real life.


I figured I'd finally hop on board because I always hear of good discussions and topics going on here so I figured I might as well see for myself.


As for my arsenal, I have probably had experience with a huge variety of Airsoft guns from the super inexpensive to some of the higher end models out there except for a systema.  My current obsession these days go around the KJW M4.  I've had as many as 5 go through my hands and I currently have 3 different variants that are on my "do not sell" list.


Anyways, looking forward to seeing what this community has to offer and hopefully I'll be able to contribute a little every now and then.

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