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Biohazard Samurai Edge Custom

Kenworth W900

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Hey guys,


Just wanted to get my own build thread for my ACBC entry up and running. In the past my approach has been to simply reveal a project after a spurt of progress with no build log but I hope I can document it well enough for you guys. I have no physical updates to show for my ideas at present and I may not do so for a while. However, in the meantime my ideas on paper can progress.


As the thread title suggests my plan is for a Resident Evil inspired fan-fiction custom pistol:




The humble TM M93R. If I was being really masochistic about it I could start with the Jieke clone version but I think tackling the low power and other foibles of the TM is challenge enough, for me at least. Plus, I want the build to retain the Marui's essence of quality and reliability, even if it will be hard to recognise the initial TM basegun by the time I'm finished changing and modding nearly every component in some way or other.


There are a few items on my overall goals wishlist that would be great to achieve on the completed build:

  1. Including a functional 3-rounds burst mode (both inspired by the Barry Burton Beretta M96 Samurai Edge pistol and in keeping with real M93R abilities)
  2. The inclusion of a decent laser module
  3. 20 RPS at 300+ FPS

Although, I wish to remain realistic about its final abilities given that I may not exactly have the largest budget to simply throw cash at this build with. Anywho, I hope you enjoy the project. I expect there to be actual progress come March. In the meantime I shall endeavour to create some decent conceptual drawings - all I have at the moment are some quick mock-up sketches.

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Hey RC,


As much as I firmly believe that once finished my 15" Desert Eagle project could look amazingly bad-*albatross* and worthy for entry, I felt that as the coordinator for the whole competition it would be best if I led by example and created a totally original custom weapon as my entry rather than one which was already 50-60% completed.


Here's a Windows Paint mock-up of where I hope I'll be going with this:



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Made some progress with regards to my own project. The most complicated component of the build is the rail block so I decided to get that out of the way. I wasn't entirely sure how to proceed but given the praise that 3D printing has been receiving recently I decided I may give it a go. The design process was remarkably easy, I made up the design from scratch (aside from the above concept) in just 2 and a bit hours. According to an estimate from 'shapeways' the cost isn't too bad either. I budgeted for £100 but it looks like I can have printed in black plastic for just £70. View it in 3D here. Let me know what you guys think :)



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I've since made some mock ups of the rail block with some lozenge shaped exhaust ports. I am not adverse by any means, they look cool, but I am liking the slab-sided style atm so I shall have to wait and see whether I'll add some for the final model based on the actual M93R.

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Certainly, I used TinkerCad online. I wouldn't necessarily say they are the best because, as I have only used one other program, I am in no position to say. But, its so easy to use and the results are perfectly adequate, so you can't go wrong.


Incidentally, I've changed tack massively on this build since my last update. I'm now using a GBB M9 as the base weapon. Thereby creating bigger headaches for myself in some areas but making things easier in other ways.


Also, it looks like the compensator block is now being machined instead of printed. Hopefully out of aluminium.

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Aye, it was indeed the grips. That's the area that has been made easier with the change of base gun.


However, far from being a total cop out, this makes things far more complicated in other areas. Such as having to look after my compensator block when the slide returns to battery, something which I would not have had to contend with using the M93R AEP.


With just a month to go I decided that it was best not to rely upon my engineer friend to machine the compensator block out of aluminium for me in the limited remaining time. So, I went ahead and got the block 3D printed. This means I can crack on with the project, since other dimensions are dependent upon the block's size, but also means that my mate is free to engineer the ally version at his own pace since I won't be rushing him to finish it in time for the contest.


Without further ado, here's the project as it stands currently:




As you can see basically every area on the pistol requires attention and there's just one month left to attend to all these areas!


Wish me luck :)

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Made a bit of progress today, started bulking up the rear of the slide with plasticard and Isopon in order to have it 'blend-in' with the profile of the new comp block above it. Working with the plasticard was extremely forgiving, I just wish I started using it sooner.


Made some progress with the outer barrel and guide rod too. And I have begun the fitment of the rear sight. The tolerances on the 3D print out weren't perfect but at least it means I can file backdown and leave a friction fit for the rear sight. I've ordered in a new set of taps and dies to do the elevation adjustment screw properly, although I know its only into plastic.


I had to cut down the internal frame forward of the trigger assembly in order to let the newly shortened slide rack fully to the rear. This also involved cutting the rear of the slide lobe and the internal guide rod block.


Now its just a case of finishing off all the jobs I started today.

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I don't know - mine, I guess  :huh: 


In terms of progress. I have been using a metric ton of filler on all of the areas that need it. Done some work to the extended beaver tail, extended dust cover and the slide markings. Done away with the front cocking serrations too and started to build up the rear of the slide. Fitted the new hammer. Did some maintenance to the new mag for it got the rear sight fitted correctly. 


Its my day off today so I'm hoping to get some more done. My goals for the day are:


- finish beavertail*

- finish slide (all areas)*

- finish dust cover area*


(*not including painting :) )

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Right, so I didn't achieve all of my goals today, but I got a fair bit done. Started from scratch and basically completed the extended beavertail all in one go. Also filled in some unwanted trades. Aside from the dust cover area, which I deliberately ended up not tackling (because I may extended it even further), I've basically finished most of the overall frame elements of the build.


Don't get me wrong, its going to need refinishing. But in a way that breaks whats left down into small manageable tasks. Each day I can set myself up with one element to complete, like filling the serial number or seating the push pin for the rear sight. I just hope there are enough days left to complete everything that is left over.


Anywho, here's a couple of pics to show progress:






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Hey guys, 


So, I have a few pics showing some more progress with the project...


When my rear sight (TM Hicapa 5.1 as the pic reveals) arrived promptly (from Mike at Elite Shooting Centre) about 5 weeks ago I was excited to see a new component to the build since, as we all know, the deadline crept up even on me and all my progress has come essentially last minute. Plus, I knew that I would not have to go modding the sight in a big way which is a bonus (although I may fill in the 'OPS' markings at some point). I immediately took the assembly apart and measured up the adjustable leaf section for my build. One key dimension was that of the attachment pin. 


I had seen a tiny drill bit laying around in some odd corner of the workshop sometime over the last few months. When the sight arrived I flicked back to the sight in my mind thinking I bet that's the right size - annoyed that I hadn't logged where I left it. Anywho, cleared out the workshop two days ago and managed to uncover its hiding place. I was well chuffed to find by some pure coincidence that it was indeed the right diameter (1.4mm) to drill out the holes in the compensator block. This is necessary because the 3D printing process, whilst good, just can't quite be accurate enough.


I went ahead and ordered a new set of fine drill bits having acknowledged that as a failing in my inventory. Nevertheless, it saves me having to wait for those to arrive. So, I'm happy to show off the results. Got a real nice friction fit finish to the rear sight fitment slot. Swings nicely. I need to do the threaded whole for an adjustment screw at some point, but the current friction fit gives me the freedom to skip that and concentrate on the more important elements of the build for now:






Another new feature is the further extended dust cover which I was considering before. So it now includes the use of parts from three different frame sets. Also drilled the holes for the attachment of the compensator block. Plus, you wouldn't know it but I have finally gotten around to filing out the outer barrel slot in the compensator block. This means that, unlike before when it was a very tight fit for even my smallest diameter outer barrel to fit through (again a 3D printing process issue), its now large enough for the outer barrel to move freely, as it should do, during cycling:




And finally, my STARS grips arrived. Excited to receive them and try them out. Never actually been a fan of the huge grip profile which accompanies this style of grip, having owned them in the past, but I do love the stylings. No one can deny that STARS grips look cool. And they are practical enough, with a useful magwell flare at the base. Incidentally, had to raid the spares and use the roll in from a set of HFC M190 grips which copy the STARS grips because this new set didn't come with one:



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