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Blacktalon Concepts Chimera for V3 gearbox

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right all, this is the review and summary of installation of my chimera for the V3 gearbox. this thread is purely to do with my own experiences and what has worked best for me. i havent done a review (if you can call it that) before so be gentle! i will also put this up in the technical section too.


my chimera has been placed in my 7 year old classic army G36. it has ultimate 16:1 gears, a G&P M120 motor and an M90 spring. power output is 345 fps.


now upon opening this is what you see: - 




you get the chimera unit, the v3 trigger board, motor wires, deans and tamiya connectors and 2 sets of data cables.


first impressions are excellent, good build quality of the boards however the trigger board is slightly delicate. 

this is due to the switches on the board, there are three in total. one for the trigger, one for the cut off lever and one for the selector plate on the reverse side of the board. it is this selector switch that is delicate so care must be taken when handling and assembling the gearbox. if any of these switches break then sadly it is a new board.


however, the improvement over standard contacts is well worth this drawback.


the installation of the trigger board went very easily and just slots in the place of the original housing for the contacts. here is a before and after picture: - 








now here is where things get interesting ( for me at least), in order to get the unit to function correctly i had to modify the cut off lever slightly. this is a simple fix that just involves filing down the inside surface of the cut off lever so that it does not contact the trigger board. ( you can probably just bout see it in the above pic (after)). the next modification is improving the contact of the cut of lever with its associated switch. this is because the amount of travel the cut off lever had wasn't enough to correctly activate the switch. ( i don't have a pic as after assembling/disassembling the gearbox many time i couldn't be bothered any more).


another additional modification is needed on the selector plate. you have to modify as per the instruction in the box, but you must further modify the plate so that it does not contact the cut off lever at all. ( in normal operation it contact the lever to engage full auto) if this isnt done then once the trigger is pulled it will keep going until the selector plate it moved.


why are there 2 sets of data cables, i hear you ask. this is because these tiny cables are very delicate. so delicate that i broke one of them after my many openings of the gear box. I'm therefore very grateful that two have been supplied ( i hear its commonly done so take care!). 


this point now takes me onto how the G36 platform is assembled. this does create some problems, firstly the chimera wont be able to follow the wires when assembling and disassembling the gun. i had to remove the bracket that screws the 2 halves of the outer barrel together, this image shows what it looks like after the bracket is removed.




after doing this it enables for easy disassembly of the g36.


the next modification is to make a bracket to clamp the data cables to the gearbox, this will stop the cables from being snagged and pulled and being broken at their connectors. i have put all the worse and data cables in heat shrink in order to further protect them.




now for the function.


this thing is nothing short of epic. once you have fine tuned the cut off lever that is. the trigger response is brilliant, its fast, smooth and easy to control. this system offers abilities to that of a ptw however you can programme the chimera to however you like. you can choose individual fire modes for each selector position, pre cocking, active breaking, lipo monitoring and speed reduction. the possibilities are amazing. it must also be mentioned that unlike most other programable mosfets it will always complete a cycle, this is due to the trigger board.


one thing i will add which is not he problem of the chimera is that getting active breaking to work has required much trial and error, this is because of the nature of my set up. it now function brilliantly. 


if you'd like to know more let me know and i will try and help you based upon my experiences. i can provide more pictures if you really want to see them. ( i haven't included many as there was so much tinkering needed for my setup, just because all my parts are very tired).



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That's brilliant news :-). I shall place revised pictures up when it arrives.


The only thing that I have noticed with my setup is that active breaking isn't quite spot on, as in it just doesn't quite stop at full rest. I do however think that this is down to the setup I have.


I have finally got around to skirmish testing it and it did not let me down at all and having burst is surprisingly useful at times. I've got to do some fine tuning of other components but overal the chimera is a beast and takes your AEG to the next level.


Defiantly look forward to your upcoming creations BT

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