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How to: Kriss Vector - Lower FPS with valve swap


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Hey guys just created this tutorial for those who want to swap out their stock "Jet Nozzle" for a Danger Werx low power flute valve.  The instructions are the same for the RA-Tech NPAS as well.  Not sure if any of this applies to you folks across the pond, but if you want your Vector to shoot sub-350 here's some help.

Here's the link to the blog (6mm-mag.com):

Lemme know if you guys have any questions and I'll try to help.

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What Fps readings were you getting after swapping the valves?

I was getting readings from 320-330 FPS on 0.20g BBs, ambient temperature of room was roughly 21 degrees Celsius, the mags were topped up but had been warmed to room temperature previously.


Very nicely written guide man, and nice to know the DW valve works on the Kriss.

Thanks.  Hope it helps others... i've done this swap a few times, and figured i might as well capture it this time.

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