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Questions on HK416s


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Hello all,


I'm looking at getting a G&G top tech gen2 T418 and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them.


I've got some questions for anyone who can answer them. I've been on plenty of websites and drained google of its answers, I would like people who have actual experience with these please.


what is its fps out the box?

Range out the box?

what is its stock spring? and how easy is it to upgrade?

any wobbles or poor build quality?

can you remove the ugly as sin flip up front sight?


and has anyone compared it to a Umarex 416? performance wise which is better?


I'd really appreciate the help as I cant find any straight answers out there.


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Top tech gen 2 guns all have stamped trades, not laser etched . Fps if brought from pas is whatever you want it to be ( for free) 2 yr warranty as well ( main g&g agent for the uk )

These guns have very good wiring and internals and are optimised for 7.4 lipo use

Rof is very good and trigger response is v good

Range out of the box is 50 m+ the new hop rubbers in g&g are very good .

No creaks or wobbles

Not sure about the front sight

Give pro Airsoft supplies a ring as they know these guns inside out .+ plus you can get to fire one on their in store range

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Pro Airsoft will upgrade or downgrade the spring free of charge when you buy a gun of them ., as different sites have different fps rules .

Talk to Chewie the tech at pro if you want any advise or specs for these guns capabilitys . The only g&g certificated engineer in the uk . He lives and breaths g&g guns . As pas is the main g&g agents for the uk .

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