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S&T M3A1 grease gun

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Well gents, start of a review here...







I'l tell you guys one thing , it's amazing... just amazing... shoots perfectly, feeds perfectly...
I took some pics during work on it to reshim it, will post them up asap...
It is indeed painted green, like the real deal, I took some paint off with steelwool to test it, probably will weather it further along the way...

I also directly ordered lowcaps to go with it, 65 rounds I think they are, and they feed fine, one is from "ARES", and others are from "shooter", http://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/Shooter-M3A1-Grease-Gun-Magazine-65rd-product,14591,3

So the magazines are real easy to find despite what you hear everywhere, especially with the shooter one also being an option

I had a look at the ICS one, and it does indeed look, well "out of place"...


There are suitable LiPo batteries to put inside, specially when you go with the RC ones, they make all kinds of shapes and sizes, for now I'll play with the little stick battery 7.4V 15C LiPo I have here...
There are one or two things with it, mainly shimming, and safety-wise, but other then that it's a great shooter, very good quality and for that price, damn... every Nam enthousiast should have one


Here are already some pics of the inside... The gearbox is amazing and ingenious, microswitch, good quality gears, piston... that shimming is not that good out of the box, so I redid that... has that dull,dry sound you want without the grinding noise...
The box is also suited to put in a, well let's say, a Swedish K for example :)

Breaks down in three major parts that make it easy to work on, and disassemble...

more later
















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*fruitcage* awesome! I had a RS type 97B and I used a little 7.4v lipo designed for one of my pylon racer that I fit in the grip that worked flawlessly. I may need to look into one of these now...

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everything steel, including magazines and stock, except for the three marked parts, the middle cover, barrel and barrel-nut, although these last two are one part, the barrel-nut essentially is one big nut



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Great thanks! Seems pretty promising! Probably the best option for anyone who wants an M3 AEG at the moment? Especially with no battery in the magazine, Ares needs to hire someone who's not crazy to design their guns... first the magazine battery, now their new sniper rifle which doesn't feed unless the magazine is full initially.. Please post pictures after you've weathered it! would be great for ww2 / afganistan milsim! 

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Yeah, this could be the best option at the moment...


Well for weathering as I see it you can have two options, either you leave the green on and just give it a nice shine, and just do the edges with a bit of sandpaper or you could completely take of the finish and try to make it bare metal... Well try some things later on.
















And of course I also got a real magazine to jungle tape the mags :)



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