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CheyTac M200 Intervention with upgraded internals and scope

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This is the Beta Project clone of the Ares, spring powered only: 




Internal:  Heavy spring (cut down APS2, good for about 1.7J), Future Energy piston and spring guide, Modify Ryusoku bucking and nub.  Stock 1J spring, piston, and guide are included.  


External:  6-24x50 illuminated scope, beefy G&G high mounts with top rail, light dusted paint job in Aervoe camo tans and greens (similar to the barrel in the above photo).  More photos coming this weekend.  


It's seen some light use, mostly as a prop.  I was looking for a CO2 bolt, but thought I'd test the waters before blowing any more cash.  


$500+shipping FIRM, I've spent over $700 and I'm in no rush to see it go.  Interesting trades considered.  


Better photos of the scope and rings: 



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