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[edit] Airsoft2U spammer


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Hi, everyone here!

I would like to share with you my experience with AIRSOFT2U.COM:

I've been screwed over by some Airsoft stores for too long. After all these "mishaps" which happened far to often with these stores I decided to look for a new Airsoft distributor -- Airsoft2u.com. The prices were fair cheap so I ordered it. And all the items are free shipping so i don't need to pay for handling & shipping for stuff. And they sent items very quick. I've ordered some stuff from this seller and received the stuff. I was ecstatic. Everything is fine. The quality of the product was superb , much better than those I purchased from a eBay and other seller.


Thanks Airsoft2u with customer service like that, I'm ordering from you more often. All in all I would give airsoft2u 5 star for customer satisfaction.  I will DEFINITELY be shopping there again. Thanks!

http://www . airsoft2u . com

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Sadly this post was added by a member of staff or agent acting on behalf of the store that they were advertising. By all means head on over and send money to a company that engages in stunts like this.


We'd normally remove posts like this, instead I have edited the links out and left it as an example of how underhanded some companies can be.

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