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Custom AICS AX


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This is my entry on the Arnie's custom build competition


A few months ago I decided to get me a new bolt action sniper rifle. Only thing was that I did not want to have anything that is on the market right now. So only option was to start a new custom build.


So I started building me an Accuracy international AX (AICS AX).


I had to cut some corners do to the fact that there is not hexagonal tube in my local hardware store and I don't have a lathe to bore out a hex stock so the front peace of my build is round. Also I do not have a mill press so I could not cut those keyholes that the original front end has.


Whit my trusty welder an drill press I drilled an welded the steel parts of the gun. For making the wooden parts I used a router some files again the drill press a jigsaw and various other hand tools.


Some designing



Front end drilled and tapped.



Hinge is made from aluminium using drill press some files and an hacksaw.






The first test assembly of all parts.



The trigger mechanism i made from scratch it has one spring an two neodymium magnets and only one sear + the trigger leaver.






Gun almost done just some details need to be added.






The paint is little bit too shiny so I'll add a coat of matte lac and I'll hope that solves that problem.


The front grip needs some detailing so it does't look so dull.


I'll post more pic's soon after making those details I'm talking about. 


Sorry if my text is hard to read English is not my mother language so forgive me.

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Here is some more pics of the trigger and mag I'll take more pics of how the magazine works after I put the gun back together






The mag is made from the original VSR-10 mag I used plywood to make it bigger and looking more or less like a plastic .308 mag



Some details added on the stock waiting for paint.



The pistol grip got a coat of anti-stonechip type off car body mass that is elactick and has a rubber like feel to it.





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That's awesome, I have the same idea for my bullpup VSR project, the best solution i have found for keeping the BB's in the tube is to cut a very small grove in 1 side of the tube and use an o-ring, as described in this thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/208151-magpul-pts-pdr-c/?p=2600370

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There is some progress in my build I may add an monopod in the stock an I'll make a QD silenser.

At this point the gun weights bit over 4.5kg.


Magwell close up.



I made a new bolt handle from steel. For making this I used an angle grinder some files a drill press and a mig welder.



The whole gun with some details added on the fore grip and the stock. Also I added the matte lac so the paint is not that glossy any more


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