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Russian kit discussion

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Please post your Russian Loadouts/gear/stuff here :D


Not just pictures of your Aks, they belong in the 'Ak' picture thread.


I have started this up as there is quite a niche of Russian-themed players here on Arnies :D

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Sorry, it's all very poorly adjusted - this was taken ages ago when my bdus finally arrived, and so everything was poorly adjusted...


-Noch91 BDUs (Kamysh) (soldier's belt underneath)

-Grad 2 Webbing

-Syriaka (dyed OD - a bit unrealistic as a result, but it keeps the bbs off my face...)

-Guarder Full Steel RPK with real-steel leather sling over shoulder in OD drop bag.

-Old style Soviet Flask on rear of OD belt


I'll try to get a better photo with my wearing my Syriaka and holding the RPK (rather than having slung over a shoulder in its drop bag) soon. :)

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A rather crappy picture of myself last weekend:


Bekas Tigerstripe Pants and Cap. It was quite warm, so a simple OD Tee Shirt replaced the Jacket.

Splav M22 Vest

TM AK47 with G&P Wood Kit/Metal Front End.


A teammate of mine was borrowing the GP30 so it's not pictured.




Under the american PASGT helmet and Vest, is a fellow comrade, and the individual borrowing my GP30. Same setup as mine, minus the vest (he opted not to wear any LBE, just 2 high caps in his AK, and my GP30 launcher)




Another rifleman on my team, wearing the Bekas Tigerstripe BDU's and using a TM AK47:




Team S.P.O.R.K. The Soviet People's Organized Resistance Kommandos, now conscripting anybody willing to buy the required gear (Camo, Vest/Harness, AK + Mags) and living in New Jersey, USA.



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Since I'm a ghost when I play, I never get game shots. So my only way to show off gear is in my room.





ANA Noch BDUs in Kamysh pattern (Russian Tiger stripe)

ANA Grad-1 in Kamysh pattern

ANA belt

Splav 3-hole balclava in Les pattern (Almost a US woodland copy)

TT modular holster.

TM Ak47

KJW P14.45

Nomex flight gloves

ESS Low profile goggles (best goggles...EVER)


Not in pictures:

An ANA Daypack in Kamysh. It attaches to the back of the vest as either a backpack or butt pouch.

An ANA BDU cap in Kamysh. Never wear it in games.

Boots, cause I wasn't wearing any. And the ones I have suck.


Overall, cost me a good amount of money. I'd say $400 for the gear, and w/e the guns cost me.


Fingers are not on the trigger, just sorta got lazy and they were slipping down. You wouldn't see much of my index finger if they were on the trigger.


That red tape is holding my stock on. You cant see it, but there's more on the pistol grip, then a loop from the stock to the pistol grip. It was awful, because I vacuumed up the screws (doh). I have new screws though.

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I was thinking of getting a M23 chest rig, how do you find yours?



It's quite enjoyable. It's really built for a grenadier. It has 3 hand grenade pouches, and 4 double 40mm pouches (i've read everywhere that it says it holds 10 40mm grenades, but I don't see this at all, I have 4 grenade pouches, not 5) and of course, room for 8 AK mags, 2 bayonets, and either an armor plate or map pouch (or bullet proof maps).


My only issue with it is that it doesnt have any D Loops for attaching a camelbak to it, so I have to wear my hydration system as a backpack instead of apart of the vest.

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Vityaz Assault Vest

Noch 91m BDUs

Cadet Beret

My sexy self :lol:


I was waiting for my AK all day but alas It hasn't arrived yet, but as soon as it does I'll make sure to update the pictures of my gear :D

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Yeah i think RCG sell them but there is some legislation coming out which will mean that they can't sell military clothing or equipment :(


Due to the new legislation being put in force in Russia regarding the military equipment, clothing and accessories, the Russian Combat Gear will temporarily cease the new sales of these products until the sufficient clarification on the new law is received.


It is an important step we are taking in order to both protect the privacy of our customers and not to jeopardize our business in future. While we will be fulfilling the previously received orders we will not be taking any new orders from individuals until further notice.

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SNEG-R5K suit



Flora BDU

Pioneer M23 Olive Drab

Infantry Patch



Noch91M Kamysh Urban

Pioneer M23 Olivre Drab

GRU Patch



Noch91M Kamysh Urban

LBV21 Kamysh Urban

GRU Patch

(now my new unofficial pseudo, is the "smurf" :rolleyes: always jealous these imperialists :P )



M1 BDU Les

RD-54 Flora


And the last. The fun one (not real, not historic)



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Haha! That last one is good! ^_^


Does the olive drab m23 go well with the flora?

I recently got mine, how fast does the colour fade in them Swissknife?

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If you're referring to the m23, I've gotten mine wet and had it dry a good amount of times, and it had absolutely no fading.


Also, swissarmyknife, reffering to your patches, if i was to want to go with a spetsnaz look, would i get a russian armed forces patch for the right sleeve and a spetsnaz patch for the left? Not to hijack the thread guys, sorry.


Great pictures guys, glad to see some people that haven't gotten bit by the armalite bug. :)

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Tokrev, makarov or Cz .75 not sure but different branches use different sidearms


http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg20-e.htm have a look at the Russian and Czech stuff


The CZ75 is CZECH. NOT Russian. The Russians DO NOT USE THE CZ75.


Makarovs. Makarovs. And they don't exist in Airsoft form.

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