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Russian kit discussion

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If my friends damn photo album didnt get blowen away, i've post a picture of me. I'll get back with a picture if i can get it.




Me holding an AK47, you CANNOT see it. But its there.


Man, why rev, why did you have to lose all your photos *On knees, hands in air* Noooooooooooooo. :rolleyes:

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Just arrived this morning... I was still zombied when I answered the door.


Very nice. Tried it on earlier when it was raining and thought it would be cold enough.


But this baby keeps you warm +10C/-40C... Tonight wasn't even below 20C :lol:


I'm sure this would be much cheaper if I bothered to actually go to Moscow to buy it. I paid £80 for it... charged extra for hood and fur collar.


But it's lovely... like a teddy bear. But in Gorod!

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well. If you live in alaska I'm pretty sure you could just buy it from any shop down the road... ???


I got it online from a shop called Rus-Military. It's UK based and ships all over the world. Kinda expensive, but the gorod M4 parka is brilliant.


You may want to try the US ebay sites. And you'll probably find better and cheaper stuff if you happen to stop by the Mother land etc.

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but the gorod M4 parka is brilliant.


This based on an extensive field-review in wintery conditions and foul weather, or getting it out of the bag and holding it up then Bill? ;)


The ol' "10/10" review :D "Haven't fired the gun yet, but it's brilliant!"

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You should read my previous post then! :rolleyes:


I took it out last night when it was pissing it down, only it wasn't cold at all. It was stuffy rain.


But waterproof no doubt, it really chucked it down last night and I just stood outside for a few minutes sipping a beer :P .


And the Fur collar and hood really is excess if you're just wearing it *out in town* etc. Cus it REALLY is warm lol. again +10/-40C


It's just a bloody waterproofed russian snugpak really, in Gorod. Sleeping bag with arms. I can't read the label as it's in Russian, but the material is all synthetic apart from the fur collar attached by hoops and buttons on one side and buttons and "button slits" the other. The hood is the same material, fill and build as the jacket, and is held by just 3 buttons. It has 2 buttons for the front also, for the face/mouth area. Snowball fights innit?


Collar pic 01


Collar pic 02


hood pic - bit dark...


It is big enough for MY head, the fur collar (which is thick) and a ushanka hat. It's an extra you'd REALLY want to have. The jacket doesn't come with a hood on its own.


I gave the buttons a tug a while ago to test them. Holds ok, if you've caught the hood, for example, onto something and it's pulling sideways then it'll hold well, the buttons are big and heavy duty. Pull it straight off like a proper "90 degree" removal, and it comes off easily. I don't know why. :mellow:


Sleeve/cuff 01


Sleeve/cuff 02


The cuffs/sleeves. Just wish they done thumb holes like the army fleeces. sniffles.


Jacket tightens at high-waist level and at the bottom, the straight forward lace and stopper for the waist and just lacing at the bottom. Double zipper for many reasons regarding convenience. The zip is a bit hard to work at first, I'll update in a few weeks when it does get colder. "Over-flap thingymabob" (please educate me!) to ensure rain doesn't come through the zips. 4 buttons.


Jacket pic 01


Jacket pic 02


The pockets are slightly smaller than I hoped. MUCH smaller than the British squaddie smocks and what-have-you's. The 2 chest pockets are about wallet sized and a bit more. Just enough for wallet, lighter and fags. But not enough for map and pad. I do not smoke so I'm alright. Bloody addicts...


The lower front pockets are bigger, but still nothing amazing. My DPM fleece (the old one) has bigger pockets. You can still fit a NATO meal pouch in there though. Folding required.


The size of the pockets may lie about its dimensions though. They may be deep, but they're not "spacious". You can't fit bulky things inside. i.e. Pyros, not that you'd want to risk an £80 parka...


My g0d... I've become a geardo!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D


Photos up!!!

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Pretty nice. needs mud though :)


I'll get some pics of me & my mate in out russian gear tomorrow.


There seems to be 2 styles of Russian Loadouts.


One uses the more commercial russian gear such as Splav & Cnab (not spelt like that it uses cryllic)


The other uses more Issued gear such as Ana and Rex, which is quite hard to get hold of.

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As in the other thread, i am building an Elite VDV Loadout, so far:






I think hte Les rig contrasts really well with the Flora :D


sweet I just ordered some flora and a m23 but in olive. In the unlikely event they arrive before sunday i'll bring em down to a game i'm going to (with AK of course) and take some pics

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don't suppose you can point me to a place where I can learn about these?


www.militaryphotos.net then go to the picture forums & check waht real russian soldiers wear, find it on the net & buy it.


Rusmilitary sells commercial russian gear.


Russian Combat gear WAS the place to get stuff, but thats all messed up with import laws now :(


Try: www.tridentmilitary.com

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thunks! you guys... it's going to take me aaAaGEss to find stuff on those webintersites.


I'll be back one day with proper russian/chiense gear. (note: chiense - not chinese lol )


I'll try to lok for some chinese gear in hong kong too...


but then, I much prefer skirmishing in civvies. :)

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About the issued/commercial gear...

All of my gear is genuine issued gear, you just have to search on ebay and look around for private sellers etc.

I had a pair of Bekas BDU's once.. but I don't really like the fabric of it :)

Oh.. beware.. before you know it you are broke and your entire room is filled with too much gear to wear at once..


I sadly have experience with that.. ;)


I will post some pictures within a week, don't have access to the digital camera atm, any requests with certain stuff? (Got various loadouts from Afghan and 90s up to modern)

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Few pics of me in my Russian stuffs.



I'm misisng my Para helmet.


I'll get some better pics where you can see my gear better some other time.


(before someone moans it's a replical PBS-1 supressor, the same one that used on the real AKM, I also haven't had chance to paint the bolt black.... oh & the reason why i have an AKM with the modern loadout is because they still use them fitted with PBS-1s, however they're old and battered AKMs hence why mine looks like it was dragged behind a car.... The tape on the stock doesn't need to be there)



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Ignore my ugly mug in this pic:


I'm wearing Rex Kamysh Woodland BDUs and a Kamysh Vityaz vest.


Yes i am a short *albartroth*... Guess my age .. i dare you lol


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